Why you need Travel Insurance

Why you need Travel insurance? Well travel insurance is really important especially if you're traveling in another country or international. Travelentz doesn't get any travel insurance if we are traveling in US or states in US.When travelentz went  to Philippines, Vietnam, Thailand and Canada we got our travel insurance to have some back you up financially during the trip.
Photo is taken in Pearl Farm Davao-during our holiday in Philippines.

Reason to buy Travel Insurance;

a. We don't know where is the nearest embassy to help in-case something may happened in the trip in other country.
b. Travel insurance protects you during emergency medical treatments.
c. Travel insurance protects for personal liability.
d. If your flights cancelled.
e. any calamity  forces you to evacuate your resort, hotel  cruise or flights.
f. will pay your refundable expenses if something happened.

Above all choose the right travel insurance for your family  and read their policy. Before you buy  travel insurance  discuss to your travel agent.Note not all travel insurance have a good coverage depends how much you're willing to pay. The good coverage means You Pay more.

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  1. I agree with your reasons, Travel insurance is compulsory while traveling. Insurance will be helpful to our family.