2nd birthday with Dora Theme

Little "m' celebrates her 2nd birthday with  Dora Theme. I'll be honest celebrating birthday's sometime  is hard ;a new mom and a new place. I dunno where sometimes to order and what kind of food I have to prepare.Base on my experienced it depends who is your invited guests in the party. Last August Little "m" turns 2 and has a huge milestone to write and to tell. Every day is especial for us:her smiles, her languages that makes us laugh and being goofy all the time.

The truth is I have a toddler, who amaze us when she constructs her own sentences and have a good vocabulary. Then, she loves to watch her movie especially DORA. I decided to have a DORA theme in her birthday since we celebrated at the park.

Developments of little "M"
a. knows how to use IPAD and play her own games and play the NETFLIX.( as her b-day presents).
b. knows what she wants to watch and play.
c. pretend she is talking to the phone but doesn't want to talk in cellphone with "G".
d.loves balloons.
e. outdoor baby

I bought the Dora Balloon and  made it the Dora centerpiece balloons flowers by myself and put it in the table.All the presents in the left side is courtesy by in-laws...so Thankful all the gifts.

 I decided to  made the balloons flowers since we are in the pavilion at the park as my decorations during  the day.
She had 2 dora cakes, first we celebrated her birthday in the park near we stayed now and the second cake is in my in-laws place.



  1. Very creative. Loved the ballons. Puede ba gayahin:)

  2. Wow, very nice and colorful party sis.

    Bella will be celebrating her 2nd birthday in a few weeks pero wala munang kids party. :)