A visit of Mt. Luho Boracay

Mt Luho in Boracay is one of the things you might consider if you are aorund  in Boracay. From the top, I could see the whole island of Boracay from the little viewing deck. The  staircase is made in  bamboo  and concrete view deck.I was glad it was not too crowded when our visit.

Entrance fee: If my memory is still good we pay 50 pesos

How to get there: We rented a tricycle  and waited us since the transportation is difficult in Mt. Luho.

Things to do:  Fed the animals , Enjoy the panoramic view of Boracay, Zip line.

I took a picture of the name of Mt. Luho Boracay I know I'm funny sometimes. "H" is asking me why you took that picture.

At the top of the deck where you can see this view

The zoo is not really big so don't expect too much, but they have a good variety of animals where you can feed the animals.

I was glad I took a shot of this turkey, she doesn't like me. lol.

Some of the plants

Mount Luho is the highest point on Boracay, with  the height of 100 meters above sea level. Panoramic view from the top makes the tough climb worthwhileTrek up to  Mt. Luho View Point is not just going up the mountain, you can also override the park admission is 100 Philippine Peso, which also has many other attractions, such as a nature reserve where the famous Philippine Eagle , birds, snakes, monkeys and zip line.

How to get to  Mt  Luho the traveler . If you come to White Beach located in the western part of Boracay,  you can take a trip up the main street to Patio Pacific,from there you can simply go to the access road near Bulabog Beach.

Another option is to simply hire a tricycle driver to take you to Mount Luho in Boracay. The cost can vary from 150 to 300 pesos, but you can get for much less if you know how to negotiate.

The third option  is to rent a mountain bike so you can go to Mount Luho. If this is the option you want, there are several of these vehicles available for rent. Always try to negotiate the price.



  1. I have never been to Boracay, I hope someday I could visit.

    I love your captures.

  2. interesting place, i have never been to boracay at all, but hopefully in our next Philippines visits we will be able to see other places, just need more money to bring with us...

  3. Wow! Nice Boracay spot! I haven't been to Boracay myself. I am dreaming to go there on our next Pinas homecoming! This shouldn't be missed, if ever!

  4. This is an interesting place sis. Somehow a good break from the Bora beach.
    This also a good place if you have kids with you :)

  5. Someday somehow I will see you Boracay :-) My niece went to Boracay with a friend that went for a vacation last year in the Philippines with me. I did not go as I want to spend more time with my Mom in my home town but Boracay is always in my mind with that beautiful beach and white sand...and breath taking view I cannot wait to see you Boracay one day in GOD's plan :-)

  6. ok the dead snake was really weird, but it made me show interest... maplan nga visit dyan.

    thanks for sharing! :)))

  7. Just heard about this place. Pretty interesting! :)

  8. That's a pretty reasonable cost for taking a breathtaking view of Boracay! I haven't been there and I have always been wanting to come visit the place.

  9. I really have to make time for a getaway in Boracay or in other parts of our own country. I feel so bad and a bit ashamed for exploring other countries where my very own country has so many beautiful provinces to boast.