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Mount Luho Boracay: Panoramic View

Mount Luho is located in Boracay is one of the best panoramic view where you can see the beautiful  Boracay island in Philippines.If you are around in Boracay don't miss to climb this Mt. Luho and forget everything but not your camera.

Of course, the highlights are on top of Mt. Luho itself, which is the highest peak in Boracay. From the top, you get a glimpse of the island, you will not find anywhere else.  The climb is not that difficult, although beginners will have no difficulty climbing.

Well this a plastic bottle  of  mineral water where they cut and put the bulb inside.

Observation deck of Mount luho where you can see the  beautiful island of Boracay. 

Address: Mt. Luho, Brgy. Bolabog, Boracay Island



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