Want To Get The Best View Of The Northen Lights? Read This

If you’ve always dreamed of witnessing the incredible Northern Lights, you’re not the only one. This incomparable sight is one that many people attempt to see each year. Some with more luck than others. They are fairly unpredictable and it is never known where or for how long those iconic neon lights will appear. Quite obviously, the northern hemisphere is your best bet for seeing the Aurora Borealis. Multiple northern countries now have an excellent viewpoint of the lights. Meaning you’re spoilt for choice when planning your adventure. Here are just a few examples of places you could choose from.


You might be wondering what is the chance of seeing the Northern Lights in Scotland? Well, there is no straightforward answer. You need a clear night sky without any cloud coverage to get the best view possible. This is not something that is always possibly in Scotland as they are known for having rain and cloud throughout the year. However, the Scottish highlands and Isles of Skye have been known to have sightings of the lights when the weather is crisp and clear. The chances are slim but if you keep track of the weather conditions you might just be in luck. Use the Aurora watch UK website or twitter page to forecast the likelihood of a sighting while you’re on your trip.


Travelling abroad to Northern Norway is one of the best chances you will have of spotting the Aurora Borealis. Lapland, in particular, has frequent clear skies and dark nights that make perfect conditions for the lights to appear. October to March is the ideal time frame for visiting so book your trip for around this time for the best chance. Lapland is also not very highly populated meaning you won’t get a lot of light interference from people’s homes. Too much light can ruin your experience and dull the colours of the lights. So this element makes it an even more appealing location for the most vibrant display possible.


Alaska is another top location for Northern lights watching as it has an extended period of clear skies and ideal weather conditions. Late August to Mid April is the ideal time scale for seeing the lights here, with March being regarded as the best month to see them. Again regions to the north of the country will have better vantage points and stay away from heavily lit and busy regions. For some much-needed insight into whether you will see the lights or not, you can use the University of Alaska’s two-day forecast system. This is frequently updated online and will increase your chances tenfold.

Do plenty of research and reach other tourists accounts of their experiences before heading to any of these destinations. A guided tour with a knowledgeable host will always be beneficial. As it will provide you with more information on this stunning natural phenomenon. With a little research, a clear night sky and a prime location, you’ll have the best odds of seeing the Northern lights in all their splendid glory.


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