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The World's Best Natural Holiday Experience

So, you’re planning your next holiday, but you want to get back to nature? Well, here are some of the world’s very best natural holiday experiences that you should consider trying out.

Gorilla Tracking in Africa

Many people who see gorillas up close describe it as one of the most astounding things they’ve ever seen. And there is something impressive about seeing these powerful creatures in their natural environment. They are not simply brutal animals as many people expect. They are also very gentle and graceful. This is the thing that surprises many people when they go gorilla tracking. There are lots of chances to do this in African countries, such as Uganda and Rwanda.

Eco-Friendly Holidays in Switzerland

Much of Switzerland’s landscape is made up of vast rivers and huge mountains. This makes it a great place to spend time for swimmers, boaters and hikers. You never run out of wonderful natural things to do when you’re in Switzerland. And the peace and tranquility you can find is astounding. But if you want to take your trip to Switzerland a step further, you could take an eco-friendly holiday in the country. The WhitePod Village is a great eco resort located by the water, so it’s a good option to consider.


Whitewater Rafting in Colorado

If you’re looking to combine a natural landscape with a thrilling adventure holiday, head to Colorado. Whitewater rafting is one of the most thrilling activities you will ever try out. If you have never tried it before, you should definitely do it. It’s one of those things that you get hooked on once you've tried it for the first time. There are other things like mountain climbing and hiking that you can also do in the vast American state of Colorado. It’s a great place for nature lovers.

Exploring the Reserves and Parks of Costa Rica

The most naturally diverse country in the world is Costa Rica. The Central American country is known as the home of conservation. So much money is pumped into making sure that the species and fauna of the area are allowed to thrive in their natural habitat. This makes the country one of the most stunning natural landscapes to visit on the planet. If you love nature, there is nowhere better. There are Wildlife Refuges, National Parks and lots of reserves. So, make sure you visit as many of them as you can.


Whale Watching in Norway

Watching a whale in its natural habitat never fails to stun you. It’s such an impressive sight, and you’ll never see anything else quite like it. There are many different places in which you can see whales in the ocean, but one of the best is Norway. The country is fantastical for all kinds of things, but the whale watching trips are always very safe and professional. And as long as you book a trip with a reputable company, you will get a guide who knows exactly what he or she is talking about.


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