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New Orleans: Oak Alley Plantation

Oak Alley Plantation in New Orleans is a must if you like history. It has so much things to learn in these plantation-slavery to the mansion and how it became part in the historic site in New Orleans. The place is interesting and caught our attention  the photos of oak tree.

Oak Tree ( The view inside the Mansion)

Husband and I usually read reviews and recommendation in the local centre and decide from there. We don't plan our trip most of the time. We swing whatever is on the road and our moods on that day and go from then. Usually rains stops us on doing outdoor so we ended up doing indoor instead but we do our best to see all the attractions we want on the place.
The Mansion

We drove all the way to Oak Alley plantation so we have had our freedom to do things afterward. It's almost an hour drive from the city of New Orleans but we don't care.Distance doesn't stop us to do thing  we want.

History of Oak Alley Plantation:
History snapshots ( you can read all of these written history in the grounds).

It is located at 3645 Highway 18 ( Great River Road,Vacherie,Louisiana). 

I forgot if my husband pay tax in the admission. The cost was $ 20.00 for adults and under 6-years old is free.

Inside the Mansion (dining table)

About Oak Alley Plantation:
I heard the most interesting story during our guided tour in the mansion-one of it were if you have a daughter and the suitor will visit in the mansion  the candle holder could tell immediately if you are going to stay longer or you're going home so soon by adjusting the candle, if you  don't like the suitor of your daughter you can adjust  the candle by lowering it so when it goes down it's to go home.The good news you can buy it in the gift shop if you are interested ;)
If you have a daughter you need one of this  candle holder ;)

"Over the years, many wonderful and fascinating individuals have had a hand in shaping a dream for Oak Alley ... some tried and won, some tried and lost, others just tried and gave up. Still, they all had one thing in common ... they CARED enough to try. "
Our tour guide  dressed up this kind of dress. She is good telling  the history of the Plantation.

Photography is allowed during the tour in mansion, don't forget your camera.
This cat likes pets.

I spotted squirrel
some flowers 
They have bed and breakfast, cafe in the Oak Alley Plantation so you get some bite if you are hungry after the tour.

Is it Recommended:
I'll be honest I highly recommended the place. You learn many things from the guided tour.I don't mind going back if ever we will be back in the area.



  1. Luvet, parang feeling mo royal highness ka visiting the place hehehe. Thanks for sharing your photos sis, at least kahit virtual nakita ko na din.

  2. Sis, I often see similar photos in Flickr of your first pic. Now I know, a must-see place pala ito. Thanks for sharing the post. May natutunan ako ngayon.

  3. It is nice to visit places where you can learn a bit about its history. The United States has a very rich history and it is great that they do stuff like this to educate the youth and to keep those historical events alive.

  4. Going to a historic site is very educational. You learn more of the history of the past of course. I love the scenic view of the oak trees. Thanks for sharing.

  5. It's nice that they allow cameras inside the Oak Alley Plantation. That way, guests can capture their experience there in photos.