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Weekend Trip: Short Springs State Natural Area

Weekend trip is travelentz's routine though I don't post all of them as often as I want- so many photos and attractions we've visited and I have no time to sit down and wrapped up  in this blog yet, I take my time once in a while if I have more luxury time. If you think, I have had left the blogosphere,you're definitely wrong, I just want you to miss me ;), actually  I've been busy in my little world which is taking care and running errands. Exciting isn't it?
Machine Falls ( I will post separate about Machine Falls)

Last weekend,we went in Short Springs State  Natural Area in Tullahoma. It was an hour drive from our home. After 3 hours we headed to Baby Shower were we are invited.

What is Short Springs State Natural Area?
It is primarily for used for hiking who find enjoyment in Nature,Waterfall, wildflowers. It is open year-round.Just check their website for further information.

Short Springs State Natural Area Location:
 Located Tullahoma-keep in mind the address given in the website was not found in our garmin GPS so we used the smart phone map for direction.

Free and Open to the Public: 
This is open to the public and no entrance admission. All you need is time and pleasure to hike if you enjoy waterfall and Nature.

Some Photos I took during our hiking:

The Butterfly
Some of the wildflowers
I am sure this is after storm.We have a severe weather once in a while.

Things you need to know:
  • During our hike, there is no guided tour and has a hiking trail you can follow and it is easy hiking.
  • Bring insect repellent.
  • Bring extra clothes.
  • Wear comfortable shoes for hiking and going down the hill.
  • Bring your camera 
  • Leave only footprints for everyone's enjoyment.



  1. OMGEE your photos are stunning! Special mention to the first photograph :) Keep on posting and happy travels!

  2. Wow as in wow! JUst seeing that Falls will make my day!

  3. Nature trekking at its best! The falls is beautiful.

  4. Great to commune with nature once in a while. I think your little girl had a great time. Loved your pictures, specially the one with the butterfly!

  5. Fantastic place to wine and visit, i love nature it's one of the most precious things ever on earth.

  6. I really want to visit a place like this during weekends. I bet you had so much fun! :D

  7. A nature trip is something that we haven't experienced yet. I know my son will enjoy it, so hopefully soon, we'll embark on this exciting experience.