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4 Days in New Orleans

4 days in New Orleans were so fast. I never know where the time goes and for sure Travelentz had a great time in New Orleans. We did our best to see the things we really like to do and headed back to home. After a day in our vacation we received a bad news  from  my Mother-in-law so we headed up to North without unpacking our luggage from vacation and just packed the things we needed for couple days.

New Orleans was the best and easy ride we ever have had this year. The ride was  smooth and less cars on the road when we travelled that day.  The good thing it was  before the Independence day  weekend which we  avoided all the congestion and travel days where most people does.

4 days in New Orleans was pretty darn good for us, we saw all the things we wanted to see and ate cajun foods.
Inside the Ritz Carlton Hotel

First day:
It was the most easy day and all we do was chill out in the pool in  Ritz Carlton  hotel were we stayed for 4 days and go out to eat when we felt we want to munch.
Day 1: New Orleans
  • Checked-In at Ritz Carlton Hotel
  • Dine in Deanie's Seafood
Second day:
Considering we got up early and all the establishment opens 10:00 a.m so we decided to see the city by foot.Hubby and I decided to tour the Mardi Gras to experience the world famous festival in New Orleans. After our tour we ended up going to the Insectarium for Little Travelentz.After our lunch we decided to headed back to our room to get some cat nap and chill out in the pool late afternoon.
Day 2: New Orleans
  • Mardi Gras Tour
  • Insectarium
  • Bourbon House Seafood
Third day:
We had breakfast at Oakley Plantation  House at the same time we booked for a tour. The place is huge and you can enjoy your day there. After lunch time we ended up going to the Cemetery where it  is one of the popular tourist attraction to visit.
Day 3:New Orleans
  • Oakley Plantation House
  • New Orleans Cemetry
  • Royal House
Fourth day:
We can't live without eating in Cafe Beignet where my MIL reminded me to try the famous Beignets.After breakfast we ended up in the French market, Cathedral and drive around the City.
Day 4: New Orleans
  • Cafe Beignet
  • French Market
  • St. Louis Cathedral
  • Acme Oyster House
  • Home sweet Home
We did not plan our itinerary on this trip, we both agreed to see what's there and go from then. New Orleans is great place if you love history, culture, food and new destination to visit. The only thing I don't like there are some beggars around the tourist area and scared me as a mom while walking in the busy bustling streets with my toddler, other than that the place is highly recommended if you like new adventure, destination, food, culture and more. New Orleans is unique and worth your time.



  1. i like that picture of little M and her dad, Mhie, it's a beautiful moment wonderfully captured, and love your photos as well, indeed, when you are having good time, 4 days seems very fast.

  2. We haven't been in New Orleans yet and it sure dies look like a fun place to visit.

  3. There are some places that you visit that make you want to stay there forever! New Orleans seems like they do have a lot of fun places to see.

  4. Great New Orleans adventure sis. Have you listen ba sa New Orleans jazz. BTW, parang I've seen a film that was shoot dyan sa Ritz Carlton Hotel.

  5. Isn't that always weird whenever you want to explore the place because of their extra ordinary sceneries, it's when time flies so fast too, still glad you make it to those places you've wish to visit.

  6. Oh, when will I get to see New Orleans? You're one lucky girl to have visited such a beautiful place!

  7. I haven't been to New Orleans but I would love to and I won't pass the opportunity when it arise. I can only see that Oakley Plantation and the trees there in some movies and photos. I would love to take a photo op there. :)

  8. I am glad you had fun in your New Orlean trip. It must be a very nice place to see.

  9. beautiful shots, Mhie, good you were able to enjoy some relaxation and fun at New Orleans.

  10. The only New Orleans I know is the restaurant in MOA where Jeff proposed to me the second time. Would love to go to the real thing sometime. :)

  11. Fours days, one week, 2 weeks, sometimes those aren't enough to explore all the wonderful places a city can offer...ahhh travelbugs...if only we can do it all the time, right? Still, you have seen a lot, and there's always a next time. Thanks for sharing this experience.

  12. OMG, I like your picture at the Oakley Plantation House. The trees are so beautiful.

  13. Love the interior or Ritz Carlton Hotel. Looks classy! :)

    I wish I could visit New Orleans soon!