Traveling Abroad

The first time I traveled abroad was Thailand and I was single. I still have the best memoirs as I lived and work at the same time- my first travel  taste in abroad;scary and full of excitement at the same time. Well, it's my first adventure world, I don't know what to expect at all.

Today,I am married and  has one child,traveling abroad is included in our itinerary to travel,perhaps we don't know  the right time,yet. I went home in my hometown last 2010 and I sat on the plane for almost 24 hours.

Some basic reminder when you want to travel abroad with your family:
Keep in mind,every country is different so you need to plan ahead of time what you want to do, bring and things to consider:
  • Bring snacks of your kids.
  • You have to plan if stroller is important in one country or Ask yourself, can you survived without a stroller?
  • Bring at least two luggage where your husband can taking care of it and you will be the one to taking care your child. 
  • Car seat-Make sure you understand the law about car seat in other country. Asia don't use car seat.
  • Travel insurance-I prefer to buy travel insurance to have peace of mind.
  • Expect the unexpected.
  • Be patience.
  • Remember you're in a different country so don't bring your attitude.
  • Watch and learn.
Traveling abroad is excitement once you plan and do your research before traveling.I usually booked our tour during our arrival in the hotel were I can get a good discount and I don't like to rush myself without seeing the area.


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