Have you ride a Hot Air Balloon?

I was been asking hubby to try this real adventure of riding a hot air balloon-sad to say hubby is scared with height and I can't convinced him to ride with me. I really want to ride the hot air balloon with husband and little Travelentz but they are both scary cat. 

Last week, my daughter was playing at the backyard and we saw the hot air balloon and I ran inside the house to get my camera. 

Here are some Photos I took:
I used cannon DSLR T1i with lenses of 18-255 sigma
I really wish to ride one day.
I showed the photos to my husband and he just says;You can ride if you want-hahaha-meaning I have to go by myself.

Riding a Hot air balloon is a real fun and adventure.I just hope I am brave enough to ride so I have experience to share how it feels at the top. I know parasailing is fun and I already did it once.


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