Golden Pheasant

This year would be more interesting as we bought an annual membership in the Nashville Zoo. Little Travelentz loves animals and she's been bugging us to go in the zoo when we stayed at home. Well, we could not blame her,the weather starting to warm-up and we gotta go where ever our feet brings us. We don't need any fancy nor to pay more bucks just to enjoy the weather.

Some of the photos I took when we visited last Sunday were the Golden Pheasant, I think it is new,I did not remember they have it last couple of years.

Golden Pheasant:
The bird attracts me because of its color.Here are some of the facts about Golden Pheasant:
  • Adult male is 90–105 cm in length.
  • You can find it in  native to forests in mountainous areas of western China, and elsewhere.
  • Males have a golden-yellow crest with a hint of red at the tip. The face, throat, chin, and the sides of neck are rusty tan.
  • The female is much less showy, with a duller mottled brown plumage.
  • The female tail has longer tail 60-80 cm length.
  • Both males and females have yellow legs and yellow bills.
  • Lay 8-12 eggs at a time and will then incubate these for around 22–23 days.
  • Life Span 5-6 years.



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