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Weekend Trip: Cumberland Caverns

Yay! This is our first weekend trip, we get out and were not sick though we still all under the weather. Caverns/caves are  one of the attractions we like to do during winter. It's very obvious isn't it? Well,caverns/caves are much warmer even if it freezing outside. Usually the caverns 

Drove all the way to Cumberland Caverns for one hour and a half and found out we have to wait an hour for the tour to begin.Patience, travelentz, so we waited and ended up with a private tour since no one with us except the tour guide and my family.

Cumberland Caverns is not just a cavern and a historic landmarks,it is also a  place where you can have your wedding ceremony and a reception or a banquets. One of the popular things to do in Cumberland Caverns are the  bluegrass concert series, birthday parties and etc. 

Cumberland Cavern history:
It is located in McMinnville and the  second longest cave in Tennessee and a national natural landmark.The main entrance was discovered by Aaron Higgenbotham in 1810.The cave opened under the name Cumberland Caverns on July 4, 1956 and has been open to the public since that time.

Walking Tour:
Cumberland Caverns has different types of tour. It depends what types of tour you choose. Travelentz just bought a walking tour tickets for 2 adults while my daughter was free.The tour are about one hour  and a half.

Types of tour:
  • Adventure Trips
  • Group Caving Tours
  • Field Trips
  • Daily Walking Tours

Tips on Walking Tour:
These Cumberland tips were based on my experienced during our actual tour.
  • Tours leaves every hour so arrived 10 minutes early.
  • Winter is not busy, so you  have time to enjoy and take photos as many as you want.
  • Flash Photography was allowed.
  • No touching the formation.
  • If my mind  still good, you have 92 steps to climbed up plus down using stone-cut steps and handrails then back the same walkway.
  • No food or water inside.
  • Wear hiking and comfortable shoes.
  •  Bring light jacket.
  • Adult tickets: $19
  • Kids under 5 are free
  • Children (6-12 age) $12

Cumberland Light Show:
If you are a christian oriented the light show would be your cup's of tea. If you want to see the show you need to climbed up and down to witness it. Climbing the stair wasn't bad at all, I'm just sore.lol.

Tour Guide:
The tour guide was informative and willing to wait us,we are so slow considering we have 4 year old.She tries to answer all are questions and she is so nice.

Cumberland caverns is a U.S National Natural Landmark, the place and history  itself are amazing. The formation are almost the same with other Caverns- made of Stalagmite and Stalactite for hundreds of years. I've been in many caverns- the most unique in this caverns is the light show. I like it and the history itself but it's not my favorite caverns. 

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  1. That's an exciting weekend trip to the caverns, Mhie! There's also one here like that but we are yet to schedule going there soon. I love the photo of the Dad and his little pretty Princess :-)

  2. beautiful place to hike on :) we used to have weekend trips but due to my eldest son's work schedule we just schedule it during his vacation leave :(

  3. that's quiet a big cave the car can get through it...I can tell you're really enjoying your weekend vacation. God bless!

  4. This will probably never be in my bucket list, lol! Hubby is claustrophobic and doesn't like to be in enclosed spaces... obviously... If I go alone, I would do it, but with hubby and the kids, I don't think so... I never knew that caves and caverns are warmer during this season... thanks for your info.

  5. Caverns are nice places to visit, esp with kids as they can learn so many things about geographical..

  6. It is so beautiful inside sis. We are planning to go back to the cavern that we missed last year here in our state.

  7. stunning shots....we love going to caverns and see those gorgeous rock formations.

  8. Nice of you to squeeze in a weekend tour. That must have been exciting considering that you had the place and the tour guide to yourselves.

  9. yey for you three Mhie, for being able to have a weekend get-away in this cold, I could imagine how the caves then serve as shelter for people during the bitter cold weather, indeed, isn't it amazing? that the cave temperature always remain the same, around 40-50F?

  10. I've been to a cave in Bohol and it was so awesome! This cavern actually have a chandelier inside! I hope I will land in Tennessee and discover this Cumberland Caverns.. :D

  11. Nice photos sis! I think, looking at pictures will be the closest I could get to being inside a cavern. I'm afraid of dark areas and my imagination really runs wild and I might scare myself. :)

  12. What a beautiful cave you have in your area Sis :-) I love the icicles....they look so cool. We also have a cave here and hope to visit it one day :-)

  13. Nice place.The icicles and the light show are lovely. Looks like this natural landmark is well preserved.

  14. I like the photos you took, especially the one when your hubby carried your daughter, sweet :)