Explore Indiana: Beautiful day at Canal Walk

Every time we go up to North, Travelentz usually stop in any places whenever we feel to stretch our legs and grab a quick bite. Last summer, we headed to North and decided to go in Indiana State Museum for a tour. 

After the tour, it happens we saw the canal walk and decided to roam around so our little girl would feel tired before headed towards the Cottage. 

The Canal Walk was well maintain and beautiful. It is so relaxing,peaceful  and see a lots of people are enjoying the beautiful weather that day. If it happens you're in the area, I highly recommend it. The place has a good walking area and people do walking or jogging.

If you don't feel to walk and want to see the canal, you can rent pedal boats, kayaks, or several styles of pedal powered cycles.The 

canal runs through the city so have more view to see.

A quick Glimpse of Canal Walk:



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