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What is a Vacation Clubs?

Most people have heard something about vacation clubs or resort memberships . In many cases, people have categorized these clubs and resorts with ventures commonly known as "timeshares." In all honesty, these vacation clubs and resort memberships operated by such companies function quite differently and distinctly from timeshares and stand apart from typical travel clubs.

Vacation clubs and resort memberships are oftentimes operated by resort developers. These resort developers usually have a portfolio of resort properties that serve as vacation destinations that appeal to potential travelers. Usually, when it comes to travel, the more exotic or extensive destinations tend to lead to a more expensive pricing for the customer. To counterbalance the sticker shock for potential customers, resort developers utilize a business model that incorporates "membership" and a point basis that allocates a certain amount of credits to each member per year. In most cases, membership comes with an initial one time fee, an annual membership fee, and maintenance fees which are assessed by the resort developer and vacation club operator assess each year.

One example of a vacation club operator is Royal Holiday Club Resorts. This vacation club operator offers a points based vacation membership. Members enroll in the vacation club and are annually allocated what the operator calls "holiday credits." These holiday credits are then redeemed for hotel, resort or cruise accommodations. With Royal Holiday and similar resort club operators, members have a specific system that has its own list of multiple benefits and perks as well as membership guidelines. Royal Holiday offers its members vacation resort destinations spanning five continents: South America, North America, Europe, Asia and Africa. Vacations can select destinations to exotic and luxurious locations such as Cancun or the exquisite sense of royalty in London.

Vacationers can gain a lot of traction from utilizing vacation and resort club memberships, especially when the allocation of points come with perks. With deals and special offers for all-inclusive packages at resorts, on cruises and some of the most desirable vacation destinations available, vacation club members can explore the globe via their membership with points system model like the one described for Royal Holiday Club members.

For those interested in vacation or resort club memberships, many of the vacation club operators have websites and social networking sites online. These are a great starting point for identifying the list of member benefits as well as evaluating the various models and pricing structures that each resort club operator offers its members. It also provides a unique opportunity to explore some of the diverse destinations that each resort club operator includes in its portfolio of vacation destinations. Some resort club operators like Royal Holiday have their own Facebook page where members post photos from their vacation stays at resorts and on cruises. These Facebook pages also provide a continual feed of posts from the vacation or resort club operator, highlighting current and upcoming special deals and seasonal offers available to members. These sites and pages are definitely worthwhile when it comes to identifying the right fit for a vacation club membership.

Vacation clubs and resort operators want their members to fully enjoy all of the benefits that they have to offer through their membership plans. Members can join a vacation club and enjoy themselves with all of the benefits included.


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