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Christmas Fun Things to do and see at Gaylord Opryland Nashville

Basically, Gaylord Opryland,Nashville is one of our favorite places to visit around Nashville. There are fun things to do and see for everyone. I've been in the hotel for many times.

This Yuletide season I was wanting to see all the lights and the ICE-show. I'm glad one of our friends was game on to see the ICE-show and I asked to met-up them in Opry mills- (outlet mall) around 2 p.m. OMG, it was busy and congested, and had a hard time to find a parking space.

Christmas Fun Things to do and see  at Gaylord Opryland Nashville:

Ice-Frosty the Snowman- Because of   all the Christmas shopping, husband and I decided not to go in Opry mills mall and went to Ice show. I called my friend and told them we parked at the Regal Opry  Mills Imax which is the closest parking space we can get and walked to the Opryland Gaylord hotel.

Tips on ICE-Frosty the Snowman:
If this is your first time to go in Ice-show you need to bring some of these if you don't like to freeze your butt. Remember is 8'degree inside the ice-show so might bundle up so you can enjoy.This time we all prepared as it is our second time in the Ice-show.
  • Winter gloves
  • Winter Jumpsuit-My daughter wear a winter jumpsuit and some layers. I really make sure she's not cold.
  • Winter hat
  • Scarf
  • Winter Boots
  • Winter Jacket
  • Camera- Photos are allowed inside the ice-show so bring your camera and enjoy the beautiful arts and crafts.

Christmas Lights the lights was pretty amazing. I felt the season and  the spirit of Christmas when I saw all the sparkle lights inside and outside the hotel. After we dine-in in Pizza place in the hotel and around 4:30 it was dark already so we decided to walk around the hotel.

Delta Fountain Show-Don't forget to check the fountain show and its pretty amazing. I and my friend's family was glued in the show. It is  impressive.( I will make a separate post about it).

Gaylord Opryland Nasvhille Tips:
If you parked in front of the hotel, expect you will pay a parking fee, that's the reason why we parked in the Opry mills mall then walked to the hotel. They have an access going to the hotel  so its not really bad to walk going there and save around 18 bucks. You can bring stroller if you want but we decided not to bring this time so Little Travelentz can run around with her friends. 


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  1. Wow! What a nice event there. Nice pictures as always; )