Cheap Theatre Deals

Whether you’re an avid theatre fan or just like to take the family for the occasional big show during the holidays, you could be spending a lot more than you need to on your tickets. Face value tickets can cost a small fortune, but if you know the places to find reductions and tricks to cut costs then your day out could be far more reasonably priced than you think, leaving you more money for interval treats. 
Avoid booking fees by buying your tickets directly from the box office. You can also usually book for shows in other theatres if the theatre is part of the same group, so you might not have to mission as far as you think to buy your tickets. A great way to save money is by showing up early on the day to buy tickets on the door; just contact the theatre ahead of time to find out if they take part in this and what time they open up. These tickets are often discounted and can offer great seats if you’re lucky, so if you’re looking for something last minute than give this a try. Some theatres also sell returned tickets at a reduced cost 90 minutes before the start of the show, so this may be worth a go.
Are you going to the theatre as a group? If you are, you’ll be able to get a substantial discount on your tickets. The larger your group is, the lower your price will be, and there’s also room to negotiate on these costs. Just be sure you don’t get stuck with poor quality seating areas, as this can sometimes happen with larger groups; speak up if you want to ensure your view is clear. 
If you’re a student or young person, you can really benefit from special deals that are currently available at the theatre. Several theatre companies like the Royal Shakespeare Company and The Barbican allocate free or discounted tickets for 16-25 year olds. Mousetrap Theatre Project offers £5 tickets to a variety of shows for teenagers between the ages of 15-18, with £10 tickets available for those between 19 and 23. Check out their website to find out more and sign up if you’re a young theatre lover. The National Theatre has also started an Entry Pass scheme which provides cards for those under 26 which can get you reduced or free tickets to a variety of plays and musicals. These are great, and help a generation that is often forced to resort to payday loans still be able to afford to see a show. 
If you really want a cheaper ticket and don’t especially care where you sit, why not consider purchasing a restricted view ticket? These come at a massive price cut, and often the view isn’t as bad as you might think. Make sure you ask when booking to get a clear sense of whether you’ll really be blocked from the stage or not. These seats are sometimes located behind pillars or columns, or in high dress circle or balcony seating, so it really depends on preference whether this is a good deal to you or not. For many theatre lovers, the reduced price is worth the distance from the stage! 
If you look around and do your research, you can find really great deals online for many popular shows. Pages like Lastminute.com often offer discounts on big musicals and a variety of productions, just play around with the dates and times to try and find the cheapest price to suit your budget. Midweek and matinee performances tend to be the cheaper options, so avoid the Friday night rush and enjoy your evening out without exhausting your expenses. You can also join special groups on Facebook and other social networks to be up to date on the latest offers and discounts available, so ‘like’ as many relevant pages as possible to increase your chances of finding a great deal. 



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