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Are You a Busy Mom?

Are you a mom? Are you always busy? Those two things usually go together. When you have children your life exponentially becomes busier. If you are not carful that can lead to an abundant amount of stress and anxiety. Since that is not healthy for you or your children here are a few tips to help lessen the busyness.

1. Organize
Multiple children, tons of activities, a job, a home, pets, family, obligations; all of the above lead to the term we call a busy mom. Whether you have all of these, a few of these, or different circumstances being a mom requires a lot. This is why you need to organize all of your to do’s. If you are married or have someone who helps you in taking care of the kids you need to get a shared calendar app with that person. This way you and the other person always know what’s going on. Getting organized can look like many things and this is just one. Another great way to get organized is creating a chore chart. You can assign chores for yourself and the children (age appropriate of course) so that you are never left doing all the cleaning yourself.

2. Carpool
Carpool will save your life. Odds are your child or children either go to school or are involved in some other type of activity. Get to know the children and the parents that are involved in the same things as your children. This way you can take turns picking up and dropping off ultimately freeing up some of your time to get other things done.

3. Mommy time
If you are a mom you need mommy time. Mommy time can look like a whole bunch of different things. Mommy time can look like a bubble bath, hanging out with a friend, spa day, reading time, naptime, mommy and daddy time, etc. Whatever it is you need it. Your kids need you to have it. Your children deserve the best you and without time to rest and relax that will be impossible.
4. Plan
Children need a plan. They don’t do very good with free time. A great way to keep your kids busy and out of your hair while you need to do other things is to plan activities for them. This can be as simple as if you need to go to a doctor’s appointment plan for them to color and bring the stuff with you. This could look like if you want to get the kitchen cleaned plan for the kids to watch a movie during that time to keep them occupied. Planning for your kids is simple and it will definitely save you time and energy.

5. Get an app
I found a company called Smith Monitoring that offers the most incredible app that will save moms so much time! Smith security has an app with features that can turn on any light or appliance from your phone from anywhere. If you are on your way home from work you can turn on the oven to have it preheat. If you lying with the baby on the couch and don’t want to wake them up you can turn the thermostat down from your smart phone. It is an incredible app.
 Katie Melendez is a writer for Smith Monitoring. Katie is also a wife, youth mentor, and a health nut. Follow her blogs for all current trends on home, health, and family.


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