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Romantic Voyages for Senior Couples

When it comes to romantic options, you will find that there is nothing quite like taking a trip together. Whether you head half-way around the world or you are simply absconding to a bed and breakfast for a weekend, you'll find that a trip can work wonders for you and your significant other, maybe even rekindle a withering flame. However, do you worry a little bit about being one of those old couples that fight like cats and dogs when they are on the road? Skip the strife and consider these tips for keeping your trip sweet!

Day Apart:

They say that absence makes the heart grow fonder, and you will find that this is also true when you are on a trip together. Split up for the day or for half a day. Use the time to be yourself and to really do what you want to do. Before you know it, you will start wondering what your significant other is up to and what they are doing. Think about buying each other little surprises while you are out and about. Arrange to meet back at the hotel or at a restaurant where you can compare notes over a happy reunion.
Choose Cooperatively-When you want to take a visit together, you both must agree on the places that you visit. Some couples that have been together for a while simply take turns, but there is nothing too interesting about a vacation where half of the couple is bored to tears! When you are looking at where you want to go and what you want to do, the experience should have a great deal of appeal for both parties. Choose something that you can enjoy together and let this guide your travels.

Take the Stress Out-Traveling can be quite stressful when you take things like airports and train stations into account, but you will find that stress is something that you can leave at the door once you check in. Remember that one of the goals for your trip is to simply enjoy each other's company. If you are hanging out together, the day is already a success. Do not over plan things. Having a strict schedule will distract you from enjoying each other's company so simply take things easy and relax. No matter where you are going, there is no stress like having to worry about medical bills or last minute trip cancellations. Save yourself some trouble and purchase travel insurance before your voyage. 

Shopping Surprise
If you are seeing a place which has a great shopping space, why not try shopping for each other? Create a budget and head off to find each other something that will surprise or delight. For example, if you do this at a farmer's market, you can come back with snacks that the other person adores. If you do this at a flea market or an open-air market, you might come back with a one of a kind gift that is full of memories.

Take a Ride
No matter where you are, chances are good that there is a type of public conveyance that you can try for the first time. If you have never thought about the charm of a gondola, a river raft, a carriage, a train or a rickshaw before, now is the time to try it. The important thing is to make memories together, and you will discover that this is something that you will remember for the rest of your lives together.

Make a Video
When you want to make sure that the trip that you are taking together is something that you will always remember, think about every night. Use your phone to talk about what you did and how you felt about it. This is a great way to look back on the memories that you shared.

Cherry Lane is a and experienced traveller and retired high school teacher. Upon retirement she left Canada to go travel the world, promising herself to share tips and tricks she learns along the way with the rest of the world.


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