5 Caribbean Destinations for a Fabulous Holiday

The Caribbean is an amazing holiday destination and one that is loved by people from all over the world. There are some amazing places to go in the West Indies, in this collection of exotic islands. Whether you want a holiday on which you can relax, explore and adventure or do a bit of both, the Caribbean is a great choice.

So, if you are wondering which island or islands you are going to venture to, here are 5 destinations to consider:

1) Barbados
Barbados is an exotic heaven on earth which is loved by everyone from cricket fans to honeymoon couples. Holidays in Barbados give you the opportunity to explore this relatively small island, which is a mere 21 miles by 23. It is full of exciting attractions from music to sport, and here you will find fabulous food and great drink.

2) St Lucia
St Lucia is another stunning Caribbean island that is as interesting as it is beautiful. This is a great place to find carnivals and festivals with pounding music and amazing food. There is also a ‘drive in volcano’ here as well as sulphuric springs, so plenty to explore.

3) Jamaica
The vibrant island of Jamaica is at the heart and soul of the Caribbean. Montego Bay is a popular hotspot in Jamaica but there are loads to discover, from the beaches to the Blue Mountains and the waterfalls and lagoons. Laze on a Jamaican beach with a can of the local brew Red Stripe, or live it up in one of the numerous swanky hotels.

4) Dominican Republic
The Dominican Republic is a part of the Caribbean with a Spanish heritage, since Spain colonised this island, whereas England and other nations colonised the other islands. It therefore has a slightly different flavour, with music and food differing from some of the other islands in the West Indies. This is a nation on the up economically and this is thanks to tourism. That means that tourists are treated very well in this paradise destination. Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic, is full of life and excitement so if you want to dancer, party and enjoy the local culture, this is the place to be.

5) Cuba
For another Caribbean destination with a latin flavour you might want to consider taking a break to Cuba. Home of fine cigars, lively music, passionate dance and fantastic food, Cuba is certainly full of attractions to those who want to adventure.



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