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Celebrating the 4th of July at the Cottage

We usually celebrate the 4th of July at the Cottage, Michigan. But this year it will be different since the shut down of hubby's  work not fall unto that week. Our travel plan was cancelled because of my daughter's activities were I registered for VBS this year.This would be her first time to join and I want her to mingle with other kids in our church and given some priority this kind of event. The vacation could wait and we will have another chance perhaps before the first day of the school year. 

I know my parents-in-law feel bad about the situation but we have no choice and we don't want to drive 18 hours to the North.Thankfully, after a few weeks they understand us and hoping to come down before my daughter's birthday.

Fun for all ages:
This year, they will celebrating the 4th of July at the cottage with their friend without us. There are a lot things to do  and our family friends will sleep over in the cottage since we have 3 bedrooms. Aside from that, there are some activities for all ages, like auto show, ice cream day and auction. The best thing staying in the cottage is the lake and the river where the cottage is located. Yes, the back porch  has a river view were you can see all the  canoers. 

If you get bored in the cottage, you can go in  lake and had beach too. Its all fun there. We don't need to take our car since my parents-in-law bought a golf cart when they know I'm pregnant so its easy for me to get around and they're excited to stroll their granddaughter  without having problem.

On that day they have fireworks and hubby buy some too.We ended up having a marshmallow barbecue and the guys made some bonfire when it is dark they lit the fireworks. Its great to celebrate the Independence day of United States with amazing people.


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  1. I agree 4th of July is always a big celebration. I hope to meet you someday Mhie and your family :)