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DinoTrek at Nashville Zoo Grassmere

One of the exhibit in Nashville Zoo at Grassmere is Dino Trek. You have to pay an additional to get in the exhibits. The Dino Trek in Nashville Zoo is cool. I guess this is good for kids who  who really understand what is Dinosaur and adults. Little Travelentz scared in dinosaur so she doesn't enjoyed the whole exhibits. 

Here are some of my photos...Have fun.
Me and hubby enjoyed the Dino Trek and the price is reasonable.Being a member we paid $3 each person.

What do you think all the pictures I showed you, Are you scared?



  1. parang totoo ano? buti you had fun:)

  2. yes, i was scared! joke! mas scary yun fish last time, bat ganun?haha.. cute nun mga baby dinos!

  3. I have a strange fear of dinosaurs, which my family never fails to tease me about. Maybe this place will help me conquer my fear? If not, the kids will enjoy it at least! :)

  4. waaah I want to be there and saw them in person :(

  5. Cute yung mga little dinos! Yung 2 malaki medyo scary! hehehe!