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Egg hunting:Family fun

"Little m easter basket"She had fun picking all the eggs.
Last Saturday we're invited with our friends  for Egg hunting for a day. It turns out really good, the weather and the kids had blast in egg hunting we're they divided by ages. Other than egg hunting they had free hot dog, popcorn ,drinks and some prizes.

Egg Hunt symbolizes:

The egg was a symbol of the rebirth of the earth in Pagan celebrations of spring and was adopted by early Christians as a symbol of the rebirth of man at Easter. The egg symbol was likened to the tomb from which Christ arose.via Wikepedia.
More Fun:

Aside from egg hunt, they had   Little Tikes Sports & Outdoors for toddlers and kids.Indeed, it was fun to all of us.
"Little M'' colours the egg while the flower's hubby gave to me as a peace offering.

Easter Day:
On Easter Day, we went to church and had lunch in the restaurant with family.


  1. We never celebrate Easter but I think it is a good family day !

  2. Nice easter celebration. Bonding with family ang friend.

  3. your little girl with the basket picking Easter eggs is an amazing sight :)

  4. Indeed a fun way of celebrating Easter, esp. for children. Happy Easter Mhie. :)

  5. Aaaaw, how cute (the B&W photo of your daughter with the basket picking up an Easter egg) !! A belated Happy Easter to you and yours, Mhie!