Best Places to visit in USA

Are you planning to visit USA? Don’t know what places you want to go? Here are the Places to visit in USA.USA has a lot things to offer from travel destination, technology, educations and the high standard of living not to mention, how expensive to live.
USA is great country to travel you can roam around by car or by plane. The best places and time to visits USA depend on how adventurous you are and your budget. If ever you never see snow yet, you might go during winter and enjoy all the fun. USA has four seasons and each of it are great and lot things to do. It would never stop you to travel except of mother nature  disaster.
Travelentz pick the best places to visit in USA all year round.
1. Michigan-If you’re wondering what is in Michigan shape? Michigan shape is  look like your hand. Every time I ask my husband about Michigan, He’ll describe it look at your hand, it is because  of  the Lakes that surrounded. It is known as “Pure Michigan”. Other than the scenic and forest it is also the automotive industry.
2. Utah-is popular in all year round outdoor activities especially rock climbing. If you’re in Utah don’t forget to visit the Salt Lake City the monuments and Parks where you can get a pass if you’re around the place.Make sure if you’re in Utah   to have enough time to roam around the area.Utah is a family friendly and natural diversity.You will be awe with all the parks and national monuments.
3.Arizona-If you will says Arizona-you’re talking the Grand canyon.Yeah! Grand Canyon is located in Arizona and one of the wonders that pictures can’t justify the beauty of Grand canyon. It is known also the four corners state. The big City you might be interested is The Phoenix.
4. New Mexico-is known as “Land of Enchantment”. This states has also a lot things to offer for family, from cuisine and destinations. Most popular to visit is the White Sands Dunes Monument  historic architecture, scenic beauty, .Santa Fe is the biggest attraction of the state.
5.Florida-is known as “The Sunshine state”. Well everyone would loves Florida because of it climate other the top attractions.The most popular destination in Florida are Disney World, Key West, Destin beach, Bush Garden, Universal Studio and NASA Kennedy Space Center. Oranges is really good in Florida  so if you’re driving going to Florida don’t forget to stop in the Welcome Center and sometimes they have free drinks of oranges.
6. California-is also known to all the travelers because of the top attractions as Disneyland,Hollywood and the beaches.If you’re around had enough time don’t forget o visit the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.Other than the main attractions if you like visit the Yosemite National Park and the Redwood National Park.
7.New York-is also  known as “the Empire State” this is the top tourist attraction in USA especially for foreigners and locals because New York is popular buildings, landmarks and festivals.Some destination you would love to visits are Top of the Rock Observation Deck and Central Park.
8. Hawaii-is known  for beaches and  natural beauty. Popular for  honeymoon place. DisneyWorld is open also in Hawaii the top destination for famil you don’t want to miss.Aside from water sports, golf is one of the top things to do.
9. Las Vegas-is popular for “What happened in Vegas stays in Vegas” .This is popular for  night life where you can say what is this”If you don’t use to it.It is also popular for magic show,museums and casinos.
10 Virginia-is known “Virginia is for Lovers”. If you’re around the area don’t forget the top attraction Blue Ridge Parkway and the Shenandoah National Park.
PS:I'm travelling this week. I'll be back next week.I'll update this soon as I can post more.

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  1. hmnn.. you're living up to your blog name sis! providing great travel info and traveling to the max!

    Enjoy! excited ako sa coming post mo from your latest adventure :)

    Balut here, just visiting you from my running alter ego ;)

  2. hope makapunta din ako dyan, kaya lang pag nakakaipon ng pera eh lagi pinas ang una sa listahan. buti na lang nag post ka ng mga pictures. At least makita ko man lang sa pictures. Hi hi

  3. I wish I could see and visit one of these interesting places. My aunt went to Las Vegas last year and got free accomodation there since my cousin was living there. Since he's back to Phils. no chance for me :( If I could travel with a friend, my personal choice will be New York and California. If travelling with my hubby, primarily Hawaii and Virginia :) Have fun with your travels!