A Trip Back in Time

A Trip Back in Time 

If you ask someone for the time these days, they will more than likely pull out their phone and relay the number the digital screen displays. Some houses only contain clocks in the form of microwaves and coffee makers. The digital revolution has seemingly left traditional clocks in the past. However, there are those who appreciate the art of finely crafted clocks which can be displayed on walls, desks or bedside tables. Here a few examples of clocks to be displayed as functional art pieces.

Office Clocks 

Desks can be tastefully accented with simple but elegant timepieces. A carefully chosen clock can be an instant conversation starter with clients. There are several PenduLux clocks available that fit the bill. For those interested in history, some designs have aviation and nautical themes. A heavier clock will serve a dual purpose as a paperweight.

Hang Time 

There is something to be said for an eye-catching clock that decorates a wall. These varieties can become the centerpiece of a room. An elegant choice for the wall would be a clock constructed with a pendulum and adorned with Roman numerals. Chimes are also an option for these models. There are some wall clocks on the market that display a barometer as an added feature. Cuckoo clocks offer a departure from the traditional clock in that they add a live twist on the notifications we are used to with our digital devices.

Father Time Can Be Grand 

The size and stature of a grandfather clock can add style and grace to any room. Ranging from six to eight feet tall, these timepieces can hold their value throughout the years. Most can be set to chime at multiple intervals of the hour and feature intricate designs on their cases. If space does not allow for a full-size grandfather clock, grandmother clocks are an option. These are generally shorter in height. For every space where you need to display the time, there are tasteful and unique options with which to do it.



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