Reliving the Excitement of the Old West

The Old West featured some of the wildest occurrences in our country's history.  Outlaws and law enforcement officers died by the dozens.  Daily gun fights were the norm in cities like Dodge City, Abilene, and Tombstone.  

These cities have since become calm havens for commerce and tourism.  However, the lore that made them infamous is still fresh in many people's minds.  When you want to relive some of the excitement of these days gone by, you can plan a vacation that will include gun fight reenactments, visiting an OK corral attraction, and acts played out by actors dressed up as some of your Wild West favorites.

Seeing History Relived

Thanks to a plethora of Hollywood movies, you may have a fairly good idea of what actually happened during the gun fights at the OK corral and other Wild West locations.  You may think you have the story memorized well and know exactly who the good and bad guys were in the battles.

However, it is possible your mind might be changed when you actually see the fights reenacted before your very eyes.  The actors engage in the actual conversations that were exchanged between the gun fighters back in the day.  You get to see the emotion, tension, and hostilities in real-time before guns are drawn and gun fighters start falling.  It is possible your sympathies might change when you see the gun fights reenacted before your very eyes.

These reenactments are designed to be family-friendly.  However, you may use some caution before taking your children to visit these locations.  The reenactments are very lifelike and can be noisy and confusing.  Little children may not appreciate the historical significance of the battles being reenacted in the city streets.

You can find out more about booking this type of vacation for you and your family by visiting the website.  You can find accommodations and places to eat and sleep during your time in the Wild West.

The Wild West is still a source of fascination and entertainment for many families.  You can plan your next vacation by using the resources found on the website today.


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