Sick of Standard Sports? Why Not Try These Instead!

Sports can be fantastic. Everyone needs some way to stay active, and sports offer a great amount of structure as well as clear goals that keep every moment feeling new and interesting. That being said, it's pretty common for a lot of people to feel pretty uninterested with a lot of more typical sports options out there. Sure, football, baseball, and basketball are all great, but what happens if you want to branch out and find something just a little bit more interesting? Well, with that in mind, here are a few slightly less common sports that you might want to try if you're in the mood for something unusual.


Wrestling, Athletes, Match, Strength, Competition

Now, before you get your hopes up, no this does not mean getting to dress up as The Rock and clobber people with a metal chair. The wrestling uniforms in this kind of wrestling are more tradition and a bit less... glittery. However, wrestling is still one of the most engaging and difficult sports out there. Unlike its scripted namesake, genuine wrestling really is a battle of strength and wills between two people that requires you to harness both your mind and your body at once in order to be victorious.   


It's a real shame how many amazing sports there are out on the water that so few people get involved in. Sure, swimming is great, but things like kayaking can be amazing too. This is especially true when you're out in natural waters, and it's just you against the elements. Sure, it would probably be a long time and a lot of practice but the first time you use a whirlpool as a way to spin yourself around and do tricks is going to give you a rush that very few other things could possibly compete with.


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Take one guess as to what chessboxing involves. There are few sports that explain themselves quite as easily. It literally is alternating rounds of chess. Now, it might seem as though this is a bizarre matchup. After all, one is a game of medieval war strategy, and the other involves getting bludgeoned in the face with a padded glove. However, the two actually have a lot more in common than you might think. In reality, they both involve being able to predict your opponent’s next move and to try and encourage them to do certain things. It's just that one is purely cerebral and the other involved much more physicality. Keeping that balance going over several rounds can be an amazing, if exhausting, experience.

Of course, it's important to remember that your school or college isn't necessarily going to have any clubs dedicated to these things. There are a couple of things that you can do in that case. The first is to try and find one outside of school that you can get involved with. The other is to speak to your school and try to set one up. After all, just because there isn't a Kayaking or Wrestling team at your school yet doesn't mean that's how things need to stay forever.


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