Sport Fishermen Get Thrills With Big Fish

If you know anything about fishing, then you know that one of the dream trips for many anglers is to head to Wyoming, where they can float the Snake River in search of cutthroat trout or brown trout. It's a beautiful way to fish, taking in a day of scenery as bald eagles fly overhead and moose hang out in the meadows. Some fishermen aren't satisfied with this, though. The cutthroat trout are too small for them. These fishermen are after bigger fish, and get them, the fishermen have to go further north and to more remote locations. 

In the Northwest Territory, fishermen have been telling stories of monster fish since they invented fishing poles. People who have been to Canada and into Alaska can attest to the reality of wildlife in those places. The further north you go, the bigger the animals get. The bobcats turn into mountain lions. The deer turn into caribou. The moose get bigger and the small black bears turn into large grizzly bears. The fish are no different. They grow longer and get bigger. What this means for the fisherman is simple. The bigger the fish, the bigger will be to get him in the boat. From there, the cooler the story will be. 

Monster pike are living in the most remote waters. They live in the places where people can hardly get by car. This is one of the things that will separate the serious fishermen from the guys who are only pretending. How willing are they to get their feet a little muddy to access the best fish? That's the question that fishermen have to ask if they want to be able to pull in a monster and have that story to tell at the next Christmas dinner. 

Today, big pike fishing is a major industry. People spend good money to go on guided trips where they can use great gear and have the advice of an excellent guide. Some even make it into a camping weekend where they can hang out in a cabin. They'll be isolated from the world for a little while as they try to bring home the biggest fish possible. It's a new luxury sport for people who want to experience the outdoors in a way that most will not. The fish are only a small part of why people do it. They are the draw, but the rest of these trips will help fishermen tell great stories. 


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