What makes Back Cove boats so popular?

Selling Used Back Cove Yachts
The popularity of Back Cove yachts has grown exponentially over the last decade as more people are discovering the benefits of ownership. While dealerships exist all over the world for new boat sales, many people prefer the personal touch of placing their Back Cove boats for sale on online registries. 

What makes Back Cove boats so popular?
Back Cove boats are designed by two expert design teams in Rockland, Maine. Their most distinguishing characteristic is their straightforward propulsion system that features a single inboard diesel drive line. Back Cove boats have robust systems that are easy to maintain, and feature newly-designed, innovative variable speed DC motors, which allow thrusters to run at any speed.
Back Cove boats come with a wide array of options, such as many color choices for the hulls, interior finishes and upholstery.

Preparing a used Back Cove boat for sale

The first thing to remember when preparing a Back Cove boat for sale is that first impressions count. Buyers look for clean, well-maintained vessels. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the bathrooms, bilage areas and engine room. It is also important to clean, wax and buff the boat's hull and deck.
The boat should be inspected carefully for any wood damage, which should be repaired or refinished. All lines, should be checked to make sure they are clear of green algae. The lines should be coiled neatly. Any canvas on the boat should also be inspected and repaired or reproofed as needed.
All cushions should be removed, and their storage areas should be thoroughly cleaned. The engine should be cleaned, and a bright light should be installed in the engine room. This helps give a better visual impression of the engine and associated equipment.


Since Back Cove boats are equipped with advanced electronics, it is important to make sure that each electronic element works properly. They should be tested and repaired prior to putting the boat up for sale.
Any cabin or navigation lights that have burned out, should be replaced and tested to make sure they are in good working order.

Final Touches

Thanks to the Internet, selling a boat has never been easier. Online registries such as Yacht Registry.net are where experienced boat owners can place their boats for sale or peruse offerings to buy themselves, and have direct communication with the boat owners.



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