How to Make a Travel Video Using Movavi Video Suite

When you go on trips, do you like to record tons of videos so that you can look back and remember all the special moments? Most people nowadays take quite a lot of videos when they travel using mobile phones or digital cameras – but instead of just uploading some (or all) to social media when you get back, why not use the footage that you record to create your very own travel video?
If you’re worried that you lack the skill set to create a video that looks good – don’t be too concerned. All you need to do is enlist the help of Movavi Video Suite and you’ll soon see that it is a lot easier than you feared.
Add and Process the Video Footage
To get started, you should add the video footage that you recorded to Movavi Video Suite. It is very versatile, and will let you load clips that you recorded on your mobile phone or digital camera, and even add photos that you can use as part of a slideshow. If you want you could also make videos by grabbing additional footage from your webcam, recording your screen, or digitizing VHS tapes – but that isn’t likely to apply in this particular scenario.

Once you have added the travel footage that you intend to use, the next step is to process it. To do so you’ll need to use the features in Movavi Video Suite to:
  • Trim out any unnecessary bits and pieces from your videos and extract only the parts that you want to use in your travel video.
  • Combine the various clips and segments together in the sequence that you want them to appear.
  • Correct any issues with the recording such as blurry, shaky, and interlaced or pixelated video segments.
  • Enhance the quality of the video by adjusting the color settings manually or using the automated enhancement features.
Apply Flair and Polish
By the time you’re done processing the video footage, the shape and form of your travel video should already take shape. The next thing you need to do is use Movavi Video Suite to give it a bit of flair and polish.
Within Movavi Video Suite are tons of features that can help you do just that. If you want you can apply various special effects and filters, add background music, insert customizable text, include animated transitions, and much more.
The best way to proceed is to try out Movavi Video Suite and play around with its features. After several minutes you’ll be able to familiarize yourself with them and get a feel for what they do – so you can then apply them and start to create your very own travel video.


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