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Greece Is The Word! Why This is Still A Holiday Hotspot

Greece has been in the media a lot of late. From the refugee crisis right through to financial worries. There isn’t much being said about the good things this country has to offer. However, nothing has changed in the way of it’s beauty and what you get for your money. So I thought I would share with you some of the reasons why Greece is still the word you should be saying when it comes to booking a fabulous holiday.


For those who are unfamiliar Greece is a country in Europe. You have mainland Greece with the capital being Athens. Then there are many Greek islands that span off the mainland coast. Whether you decide to visit the mainland or one of the islands, all the reasons are the same to go and spend some time there.

The weather is great

Greece gets fantastic weather. It is one of Europe's busiest holiday destinations, and the weather is one of the main reasons why. You get great sunshine throughout the summer months and the winter months provide warm days with little rain.


The scenery is breathtaking

There is no doubt about it. The scenery in Greece is simply stunning. From white washed buildings to the expansive coastline with blue seas. You also have mountainous regions and some of the great greek monuments rich in history.

Luxury accommodation that will blow you away

There is an accommodation to suit all budgets in Greece. That being said if you are after something a little more luxurious you won’t be disappointed with what is on offer. Many of the islands and mainland Greece have some beautiful destinations offering exquisite accommodation. They range from hotels right through to apartments. Villa’s from places like Amanzoe Greece will simply blow you away.


Crystal blue waters

The seas are the bluest of blue on the coastline of Greece. You won’t be disappointed with the extensive white sands that are on offer. Even the cliff edges of Santorini offer crystal blue waters. The coastline is fantastic and suitable for families as well as couples wanting to escape

Fantastic food

Greek food is delicious. From the traditional Kleftiko to the gorgeous kebabs filled with peppers and halloumi cheese. There is something for everyone.  Greek food can be enjoyed as meals or more informally in Mezze platters. All washed down with some great wine or beer.

Friendly locals

Finally, heading to this beautiful place just get’;s topped off by friendly locals. Everyone is happy that you are there, and the service is brilliant.

Heading to Greece will not be a disappointment for a holiday at anytime of the year. Whether you are travelling as a couple for your honeymoon or a young family heading out on their first trip abroad. Even if you are just a group of fun loving singles, Greece has it all for everyone.

I hope this has left a more positive thought in your mind and has inspired you to consider Greece as a great destination choice for your next holiday.


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