7 Fun Things for the Family in Paris

If you’re coming to Paris with the kiddos, it’s safe to say most of the romantic ideals of the ‘City of Love’ are off the table. But that’s OK! It doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, and when you’re with the kids, there’s no other choice. So what type of family are you? A day in the park type? The museum buffs? Check them all out.

We need a fun park…

Let them run wild.

Jardin du Luxembourg 
Let the kids run free at this gorgeous garden behind the enchanting Luxembourg Palace. After paying a minimal fee, the little ones can scurry about a super fun playground while you enjoy the beautiful park. There’s also a fountain pond where the kids can practice some sailing with small boats, or relax a bit and watch a marionette theater, if you’re visiting during the summer.

Jardin d'Acclimatation
Is 49-acres enough space for your kids to wear themselves out at? They will have tons of entertainment here. Besides the amusement park and garden, this fun destination has zoo animals, puppet theaters, a miniature golf course, and carnival games. Try to figure out the tricky house of mirrors as a family and take a few shots at the archery range while you’re at it.

We need entertaining but educational…
Well, then you can enter any of the museums in the city really.

Pompidou Center
Before you even walk in this place, you will find a fine selection of charming cafes to grab a bite at, or you could run into a few street performers. The Stravinsky Fountain is a nice hang out spot as you pregame the kids for wonder around a modern art gallery. No need to fret, there are kid friendly featured areas in addition to the other exhibits. If it’s still not your families cup of tea, heard them to the indoor playground, or cinema, a great idea for a rainy day.

Cite de la Musique
There won’t be a line of tourists at this museum, but it should be acclaimed more. If you have a little musician on your hands, this is where they can see fascinating exhibits on the history of music with a collection of instruments and compositions as they listen to their audio guide.

Shakespeare and Company Bookstore
Got a book worm on your hands? You and your little book-devouring child can read to your hearts content. There are childrens’ readings and it’s a great stop over after you visit Notre Dame

We need a crowd pleaser…
When in doubt. Go here.

How can you go wrong with Disney? 1-day Disneyland Paris tickets would make any family, no matter what age, go bananas. Fun rides to last all day, huge golf course, a resort to relax at after a fun-filled day… It’s a sure win for the whole family.

Who gets to brag about actually being at the Eiffel tower? All the way up in fact! Your kid does. The iconic symbol of the city, and even the country, the Eiffel Tower. It’s totally worth it, the kids will be amazed, and it’s actually something on your list anyway. Just get your ticket ahead of time if you’re around the busier time of year.



  1. Great list! How I wish I have the travel fund and time now to explore this wonderful city :)

  2. Disneyland in Paris sounds so enticing right now! Reminds me of our experience in Florida.

  3. Paris, Oh Paris,, When will I see you? I'll take your thoughts into consideration if ever mapunta ako riyan.

  4. I sure would love to visit Disney Paris. I heard from a relative in Europe that they are considering in closing it because they do not earn much. I hope to visit it before it does! :(

  5. Paris is one city in the world that I'd really love to visit, together with my husband and son. It's such a romantic place, and it's family-friendly, too!

  6. Gosh. Paris - the dream, I wish I could go too - soon!