Winter is around the Corner

Yay! I can't believed winter is around the corner and so the Christmas.I hope this year,winter is more tolerable. Though winter is not official yet,I already bundle up  and bought some winter stuff. I usually buy in online  and saw this   Cozy Winters Reviews.

When  the temperature drops 50 degrees.The importance of having a  cozy winter stuff  on winter is very essential especially  you're like me who don't used to it.

Having the right clothing is very important for me during winter and I don't like the cold weather . I constantly feel cold even I have a heater inside the house. If I have a choice, I would spend my days in my hometown where I grow up rather than the cold weather. 

Winter is fun at first, after couple weeks of snow and freezing days, you would say; When this is over? I am not complaining i'm happy I experience the four calendar seasons and I know how it feels.

One of the stuff I can't live without is slippers are one of the most essential accessory on winter to protect your feet from cold. It helps you to stay warm and feel comfortable.



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