Long weekend: Summer at Biltmore Estate

Last couple weeks, husband and I decided to revisit Biltmore Estate. We've been curious  what looks like in the summer and I'm glad we did this time. Summer at Biltmore Estate is impressive. The flowers are blooming and adds up the attractions of the house.You  can stay whole  day so make sure you spare your time in the area.
The Biltmore house. Imagine yourself living in this mansion. Yay!!!! Well, photography is not allowed inside the house so  enjoy this photo and used your imagination how it looks like inside. You can see the pool in the basement and its pretty amazing how it built.
Biltmore house in summer:
Perhaps, Biltmore house in summer is not my favourite place to revisit if you'll ask me. The house during Christmas is more colorful and more exciting to see and  our first visit was Christmas.

If you want to know more about my visit last Christmas you can read more here. This time, my daughter is almost 6 and she enjoyed the tour though a little bit complaint that she's tired but she did good.
My daughter isn't happy every time I asked to have picture taken with her.She makes goofy face and always in hurry.

Garden in Biltmore:
It was pretty busy summer, the weather is unpredictable,luckily the day we were in Biltmore Estate was   the most comfortable days we have on that week. Travelentz enjoyed roaming around in the garden and it's  splendid. 

I just wish they have a separate ticket just for the garden and will surely  go back and enjoy the grounds.
The garden is impressive and huge. I wish we have one closer in our place. Though,the driving going to Biltmore isn't bad.My daughter enjoyed the different kinds of flower and showed a little bit of interest in some flowers. Sometime she likes to smell the flowers.

More photos:
The side view of the Biltmore house.This is y daughter's favourite area where she can run around and watched the  fish.
This fish thinks its feeding time. Well, she made my daughter's day.

When the tour was done,Little Travelentz's told us she's very very hungry  for ice cream so we grab a bite and got an ice cream for her.After we ate, we all then headed in the shopping area.

Tips on visiting Biltmore Estate in Summer:
  • Wear walking and comfortable shoes if you want to enjoy the grounds.
  • No photography inside the house.
  • Bring bottled water.
  • Self guided tour so make sure you buy the Audio guide to Biltmore house for better understanding.



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