Things to Know When Choosing Your Florida Destination

There is a reason why each year nearly 95 million individuals choose to visit Florida. With its constant stream of beaches, diverse atmospheres and unique attractions, there is something to fulfill the preferences of any individual. With the distinctive characteristics of different key attractions, it is important that you be aware of certain aspects when selecting your destination spot.

You want to consider what the area is known for. Certain areas, especially top destinations, have certain characteristics that help to define the atmosphere, the locals and the people that it will attract. For instance, South Beach is known as a party location for those who are and who are looking to party with beautiful people. On the other hand, Key West has a strong carefree vibe and eclectic features and attractions. Once you know what the areas are known for you can best decide which areas you would enjoy and others that you want to stay away from. For example, if you are single and looking to party, you might not enjoy Sanibel Beach, known as a family destination, or Napel Beach, which is considered a couple’s retreat.

Being fully aware of the common characteristics of different areas of Florida can help you in choosing the destination spot that is best for you. To aid in your decision, check out the detailed information on some of the common tourist areas in the infographic below.



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