Moving to a new Place

Most of you knows we just moved in to our new place. I'm so thankful to  my husband that as of now we have a so called "home sweet home". It wasn't an easy transition for the family-too many things to do so little time. Furnishing a new home is not that simple as I thought. You become more attentive in all decors,furniture and color matching. I ended up hiring an interior decorator to help out  and  my first priority was to Check these chairs out at Home and Patio D├ęcor Center!

Finding a new home is an adventure. I couldn't simply express my words when we have a final walk in our house before closing. Stressful, excitement at the same time. Considering my husband and I have so little furnitures so we did  not hire a moving company-it was a big mistake and it took us a week to moved our stuff.

Tips for moving to a new Place:
I've learn in a hard way and it wasn't easy as I thought. 
  • Hire a moving company:If ever I will move to a new place,definitely hire a moving company to move your stuff.Moving all the boxes and furnitures by yourself is not worth your time and money.The first we moved out in the State we hire and it was an easy transition. I was able to enjoy the new environment.
  • Box all the stuff by yourself: The first time we move out, I box all the stuff by myself and the saves a lot of time by doing it every day. It wasn't exhausting. I do whenever I am more relax and in mood.
  • Sort out the things you really needed: When you know you're moving to a new place, you have to ask yourself what do you need. You can sort out the things you needed the best and leave some of or donate it. Paying and hauling all the boxes are sometimes not worth your money and time to unload it.
  • Moving Sale:Consider a moving sale before putting your stuff in a boxes. You'll be surprise when you move to your place you don't want your old stuff and you'd rather buy a new decors that suit to your place.
Moving to a new place isn't easy, but one thing I can say it is an adventure to treasure,new faces, new environment and new descoveries in life.



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