4 Things to Do While Waiting at the Airport

For many of us, travelling internationally is something we do often. For some of us, it’s even a way of life. Airports today are in themselves businesses, not just a place for you to catch a flight, and they’re really going out of their way to attract travellers to return. Back in the day, there were two scenarios: having little time to grab a hurried bite and some boring gifts from the duty-free outlets before a flight, or waiting for hours with nothing to do! Even those who travel frequently for business can now have something interesting to look forward to. For some general ideas, consult with business travel managers like Corporate Traveller, who’ll be able to tell you about the best any airport has to offer. In the meantime, here are four things to do if you happen to be at any of these fascinating airports.

1. Be Entertained – Changi Airport, Singapore:

Renowned for its extensive state-of-the-art Entertainment Deck, Changi Airport offers music areas, an Xbox Kinect gaming room, a 4D cinema (yes 4D) and much more. If that’s a little too high-tech, you can relax at lounges with live music or walk through a landscaped garden complete with a waterfall, butterflies and 30 species of carnivorous plants! There are hair salons and beauty spas to indulge in, or take a swim in the pool, then sip some fresh mango juice in the Jacuzzi while watching planes take off. If you have a minimum five hours to kill, you can join a free two-hour tour as well!

2. Go Ice Skating – Incheon Airport, Seoul, South Korea:

It’s not real ice, just artificial plastic ice. It sure looks like ice though! You can unwind while having fun and go for a spin around the rink. If you’re not into that, head to Korean Culture Street, where you’ll find recreations of traditional buildings plus cultural events and performances. Have a wander through the Cultural Experience Zone and make artefacts from paper and wood.

3. Have a Beer – Munich Airport, Germany:

The airport has its own brewery! Have a cold one at a Bavarian-style pub, then head to the Visitors’ Park to enjoy a round of golf. If you’re an aviation enthusiast, join an extensive tour of the airport and watch aviation films, then explore historical aircrafts like the Super Constellation, Douglas DC-3, and many more.

4. Enjoy Nature – Vancouver International Airport, Canada:

This airport is incredibly unique. It has a mini Canadian forest, complete with a bubbling stream, rocks and even canoes! Vancouver Aquarium even houses two exhibits that boast 5,000 sea creatures – many of them only found locally, like rockfish, wolf eels and anemones. That’s just to name a few. To throw in a history lesson, stroll through an art exhibition where First Nation Art is displayed every day.

Now that you know of some great ways to entertain yourself at these airports, you’re probably hoping for longer transit times to fit it all in! Don’t forget, there are plenty of other airports just as interesting and unique as the ones mentioned here. Being stuck in airports has never been this fun – it’s almost like having a mini-vacation!

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