How to travel with Kids less stressful?

Traveling with kids can be stressful if you don't plan ahead of time. I traveled with my child when she was 3 months old.When you are traveling with kids it is important to know what's best for both of you or ask yourself on  How to travel with kids  less stressful? You know your child better than I do so make the best planning  that keep your sanity when traveling with kids.

Kids will always be  kids they are curious and ready to explore.They can't be seated for a long hour without entertaining them and sometime kids have a  "MELT DOWN".

How to travel with kids  less stressful:
1. Planning-When you know your destination, start planning on what you can bring to make every one happy on the trip.Be realistic on packing. Try to jot down making sure everything is on your check list.
  • Prams-It seems like a great idea to bring a Baby Pushchairs/Prams your kids doesn't have to walk-which means you can get  easily in your destination faster  and they might even fall asleep in the prams, giving you a bit of a break and them some rest and most of all it  something to help with carrying the bags.
  • No Sweets-I have a toddler so I avoid giving sweets  before arriving on the middle of a strange place with a sugar rush.
  • Toys-Bring your kids favourite toys that make her happy and play for a long hour. Like my daughter she's happy and content with her stuffed toys cat-fall asleep with it.

2. Gadgets-With the fast technology today,there are so many things you can download that can occupied your child on the trip.
  • movies-I  buy 2 movies during our trip and gives me peace of mind while my daughter's glued on her movie.Make sure it's her favourite movies.
  • games-I choose wisely of what she can play, this would comes down  with your own preferences.
  • Writing apps-My daughter likes to write or scribble on her iPad.She can do it for an hour without disturbing me.

3.Expect the unexpected-With proper planning, there is unexpected things  might happen so be prepared all the time although its not what we want to think on our trip.
  • First food for your kids-If your kids had never eaten any of those food/snacks/fruits, don't let her try to taste it. I learnt in a hard way. I keep giving my daughter so she can try and ended up vomiting all the time and a pain on me. When my family  traveled I check all the foods that my kids can eat before they put in their mouth just to make sure.
  • Don't let your kids go swimming without adult supervision-I am overprotected mom and my kids can't go swimming in the pool nor in the beach without a lifeguard on guard.Better be safe than sorry.
  • Allergy-This is the biggest problem make sure you supervised all the food your kids are eating especially the ingredients.
  • Travel insurance- It's important you are prepared all the time. Do not travel without travel insurance. Its worth every penny if something occurred.
Traveling can be stressful for every one who is not well prepared. You know your kids very well and understand what is best for them. Make sure you know where to go during emergency and keep all the medical insurance.Health is wealth.



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