You Haven't Truly Skied Until You've Tried This Amazing Sport

Outdoor sports enthusiasts and thrill seekers are passionate about their pursuits, because nothing besides Mother Nature offers the unique mix of tranquility and pure thrill that gliding down a pristine slope in the middle of sprawling natural beauty does. Snowboarding and traditional downhill skiing are where most people get their first taste of winter sports, but for some the need for more adrenaline is insatiable. This is what makes extreme winter sports exciting and addicting, for those with the appetite for it. For this select group of individuals, the experience of a private heli skiing vacation as an absolute must! These vacations can be booked with companies like Bella Coola Heli Skiing in BC (, and what they offer is an adventure unlike any other. From world class lodging accommodations to the exclusive nature of the terrain to ski in, it doesn't get any better at all. Once you try this, your expectations for thrills will never be the same.

This type of skiing opportunity is a welcome change from the crowded slopes of traditional downhill ski resorts and it offers endless fresh powder as well. The scenery and untouched landscape offer amazing views and make the experience that much more memorable. Good company seems to make everything in life more enjoyable, with the focus on the quality of the company and not the quantity. Family and close friends with the same interests can really get the most out of the experience while sharing it with one another. Small groups of up to 4 people can plan and arrange a private heli skiing adventure that takes place in the majestic back country of British Columbia, Canada. This is the #1 destination for heli skiing in the world, so this is another contributing factor in creating the ultimate outdoor experience. You’ll be able to see nature as you’ve never seen it before – from above, as the gorgeous wildlife and natural beauty of BC unfold around you. 

The helicopters offer a few really unique advantages to the advanced, extreme winter sport thrill seeker. For one, they reduce transit time and can take your high up into the mountain where you could never successfully travel on your own. Secondly, they allow you to see the terrain and various challenges that are available to suit your skill level and taste, from a bird's eye perspective. There are over 2 million acres available for the private heli skiing adventure, making the options and opportunities nearly endless. Its a safe bet that you will never have the same run twice in a row, which keeps the thrills and excitement flowing. 

For those who have tried all of the other extreme outdoor sports, this may be your wake up call that the ultimate challenge still awaits you. Even if you have tried heli skiing before somewhere else, nothing will prepare you for British Columbia and all of its challenge and raw opportunity for this thrilling sport. From the accommodations to the experience and memories, the pinnacle of winter sports eagerly awaits you. 



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