Things to do in Madrid you probably did not know about

Madrid is multifaceted city located in the center of Spain. With ancient churches, medieval streets, Egyptian temples and a variety of shops peppering the city center, this city is an ideal destination for a city break.

Get lost in the city center.

Walk around the many cobblestone streets and squares, where you will find ancient churches. Many of these streets lead towards the Plaza de Oriente, another square known for its views. Here you will find the Royal Palace, one of the most impressive buildings in the city. With more than two thousand rooms and halls, this palace is a must see. Guided tours are offered around forty of the palace's halls, filled with priceless pieces of art by Goya and Velazquez. A less known attraction are the Sabatini Gardens, which are located next to the Royal Palace and where many concerts and other cultural events are organized.

Check out the city's nightlife and have a drink in a cave.

Madrid's city center should be explored on foot. If you plan to hang out in the historical city center, then you should book your accommodation in advance to get the best price. There are many places to stay near the Gran Vía street, one of the city's main streets. This street is filled with bars, restaurants and shops. The historical city center is located on the other side of this street. Walk towards the Puerta de Sol, a centric square near which many of the city's best bars and tapas bars are located. Do not miss the city's nightlife, for the city has a variety of bars, including ice bars near the Prado Museum, several bars located in caves in the very center of the city, and old monasteries that have been transformed into terrace bars in the Lavapies district. Check out La Latina district for authentic tapas from every corner of Spain.

Explore a piece of Egypt in the center of Madrid.

If you take a short walk away from the city center, just off Plaza de España square, you will find a park. This park is one of the most popular meeting spots for the local youth, and pleasant place for a walk. The park's most famous landmark is the Templo de Debod, an Ancient Egyptian temple that was brought from the Nubia region. Inside the temple you will find a museum dedicated to the temples of the Nubia region and several walls decorated with hieroglyphs. Walk towards the edge of the park after exploring the temple, from where you will be able to enjoy views towards the city center.

Take a cable car for a bird's eye view of the city center.

If walking miles and miles around museums and palaces is not an ideal plan for your holiday, Madrid has the solution. Take the cable car from the Parque del Oeste park, located steps away from the city center. This cable car connects the city center to the Casa de Campo, another park located west of the city. This park has many sports facilities, a lake, picnic areas, a theme park with roller coasters and a zoo. During the ride west you will be able to enjoy views towards the Royal Palace and the Almudena Cathedral, the centric streets and the vast parks west of the city.



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