10 Places To Refresh Yourself At Kerala

Kerala, the God’s Own Country, the abode of peace is known for its rich flora, fauna and its pristine water land, the reason it has attracted multitude tourists over the past centuries and placed it one among the most sought after tourist locations. Standing proud with a rich, long standing history, the cultural life of the people of Kerala is just as beautiful and play a pivotal role in attracting tourism from around the world. Here we have selected for you the finest among the top destinations in Kerala.

Munnar- Kashmir Of The South

Chilled and placed over 1600 meters above the sea level, Munnar is undoubtedly the most beautiful landscape of the God’s Own Country. The English have seen the comforts and peace Munnar has to offer, this lush green mountain was the summer resort of the erstwhile British Government in South India. Unending greenery clothed in mist, hills adorned with tea and coffee plantations and sights that will keep eyes fixed. The mountain ranges laying beside presents before you a spectacular view, waterfalls and trekking paths to keep you full of life and adventurous. The Indo Swiss dairy farm, the lake, the dam and Chithirapuram are other sights of attraction.

Anathapuri - The Land Of The Kings

Thiruvananthapuram also called Trivandrum is one of the most important tourist attractions of the state offering an array of delicacies. The Ananthapuri temple by the heart of the Trivandrum city is a historic monument and holds with it rich culture and traditions of the kings who ruled the state in the past. Falling within half hour ride from the city is Kovalam beach, one of the finest in India, sought after by any tourist in Kerala. Varkala is another beach and a pilgrimage location, falling very close to the city is Kanyakumari, another pilgrimage location, also famous for its spectacular and unique sunrise and sunset. On full-moon evenings, you can see sunset and moon rise at the same time.

Kumarakom- An Abode Of Peace

The perfect place of peace, known better as the Venice of the East, the nature here offers the comforts of silence and peace. Mangroves covered with lagoons, houseboats moving calm along the waters, the place just amazes every eye. Off the busy world, life slows down here, bamboo houseboats along the water world enjoying the delicious Kerala cuisines and ayurvedic massage, the amazes of the bird watchers' paradise where exotic species visit round the year. Resorts here offer spicy delicacies of Kerala and cultural programs like Kathakali.

Thekkady- In To The Wild

The best place you explore the wild life Kerala has to offer. Acquaint with the big to small, from the mighty Indian elephant, the Great Indian Tiger to boars, bisons, lion tailed macaques and deer. On foot or atop elephant trekking is offered by the tourism department, the resort located by the island by the centre of the lake is an ideal place to watch animals undisturbed and to get adventurous, one can take a road trip to Thekkadi from Moozhiyar via Gavi, passing along the thickest forests of Kerala, spectacular exploration and wildlife photography route to take.

Wayanad – The Uncut Nature

Munnar is presented before you as a beauty that is partly man made; Wayanad shows the beauty of nature, uncut and pristine without involving human hands. The mountain ranges, winding lanes decorated with dense forests on either side is nothing less than an ethereal experience. Explore the caves of Edakkal to see paintings that are over 4000 years old, Muthanga wildlife sanctuary offers natural habitat to animals like the Indian Elephant, spotted deer, bison, tiger and leopard, dip for the once a life trekking experience in Muthanga, Edakkal and Pakshipathalam, Meenmutty waterfalls, Kuruva islands and the Soochipara waterfalls.

Cochin – The Queen Of Arabian Sea

Rich in cultural heritage, Cochin is the main gateway to South India and furnishes easy access to almost every tourist location in Kerala, International air transport, road and rail connectivity. The backwaters connect with the Arabian Sea, boating and rafting enjoyments, ride through the lagoons in Kerala styled houseboats, the famous Bolgatty Place, Jewish Synagogue by the lagoon side, Chineese fishing nets and pilgrimage locations like the Santa Cruz Basillica, St.Thomas Church at Malayattoor, Thripunithura temple offers the one of a kind experience in the city.

Agastyakoodam- The Abode Of Biodiversity

Agastyakoodam, the towering forest peak of 1868 meters along with the tick forests to the tail end of the Western Ghats features the most diverse and unknown ecosystem in the Peninsular India. The area if known for its biodiversity, endemic species of plants used in traditional medicines. It holds with it the forests of Thiruvananthapuram and Kollam districts of Kerala and also Tirunelveli and Kanyakumari districts of its neighbouring state, Tamil Nadu. The rare flora here also carries a sizeable portion of around 2000 medicinal plants used in the Indian Ayurveda, a location that never fails to satisfy an adventurous traveller.

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