Understanding The Different Types of Cycling Injury Claims

The Olympic Games certainly brought out the cyclists.  Thanks to the likes of Bradley Wiggins, Chris Hoy and Chris Froome, cycling has been high on the keep-fit agenda over the past few years. Road cycling is now at an all-time high and there have been lots of petitions and requests for the UK roads to be made safer and better places for cyclists. More cycle lanes, better road and safety awareness, and more education. Yet, with this also comes a rise in cycling injuries. Cycling injury claims are high. There are thousands of people injured whilst cycling in the UK, each year. Cycling can be extremely dangerous, especially if safety measures are not adhered to.  

Why do cycling accidents happen? 

Cycling accidents occur for a number of different reasons: 
Animals in the road
Defective equipment
Poor roads
Lack of provisions for cyclists
That’s why it is important that when cycling you take the right safety measures and do all you can to avoid injuring yourself in an accident. 

Different types of cycling injury claims:
There are a multitude of cycling injuries that people claim for. Regular aches and pains when cycling are common, but if you have been involved in an accident that wasn’t your fault, and been injured as a result, then you are eligible to claim for compensation. 

Head injury 
It could simply be minor cuts and abrasions or it could be something far more serious.  Head injuries can cause delayed complications. The best way to avoid or prevent a head injury is by wearing a cycling helmet. Always seek medical advice as soon as possible. 

Facial injury 
An injury to the face can cause dental issues and may leave scars. Being injured in a cycling injury that causes facial scarring and damage can leave the individual in severe discomfort and also very vulnerable.

Ankle injuries 
Twisted ankles can be extremely painful and often occur when the cyclist crashes into the ground on impact.

Knee injuries 
Injuries to the knee are quite common. If you fall off your bike you may find that your knee is damaged. This can affect your ability to walk and to exercise or cycle in the future. 

Psychological trauma 

Cycling accidents can leave behind more than just a physical scar. Some cyclists who have experienced accidents find that they are psychologically scarred as a result. It is important that this area of injury is also investigated before a compensation claim is filed. 

Speaking to bike lawyers who understand the effects of a cycling accident will help you to understand how you can claim compensation. The compensation is there to help you recover any loss of earnings, damage to yourself, your bike and any adjustments that need to be made to your life from here on out.  

Make sure you speak to a bike lawyer who can help assess the implications of your bike accident and how you can gain the right level of compensation for your injuries.   
Carry on Cycling can help you with your claim, get in touch today.

Sarah Mcarthy is a writer for Carry on Cycling. You can find her on Google Plus here.


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