Family Friendly Vehicles

Sorry to say, if your dream is to have the newly designed Ferrari, this article is not for you. However, if you are looking for a smooth and safe ride for your family, you have come to the right place. There are four cars on the market right now that have just about all it takes to give plenty of room, good gas mileage, safety features galore, and, yes, just a bit of the “coolness” factor to keep everyone in the family happy.

So first, the best of both worlds can be yours by choosing the ever beautiful, ever popular BMW X3. It has 28 cubic feet of cargo space, which is more than doubled when the seats are flipped forward, making 63 cubic feet of storage. The X3 comes with a 240 horsepower engine or a 306 horsepower engine, either of which makes for a get up and go ride. This automobile is for hauling family, but that doesn’t mean it is not fun to drive. The smoothness and sharpness of the drive has been improved over the X3’s of the past, making this a sports sedan with plenty of kick. Starting at $36,750, it’s not going to break the bank either.

Need a car for taking kids to basketball practice, for family trips, and picking up the dry cleaning? This is it. Plus, you are going to save tons of money. The Chevy Volt is a gas saver par excellence. Its average electricity-driven mileage is a delightful 35 to 40 miles, so, even though it is not tremendous in size, it is tremendous in gas saving. This hybrid makes driving fun, and is an especially good choice if the family uses it for in-town driving, errands, and chauffeuring the kids. The federal tax credit for this car can be as much as $7,500. The tag is $40, 280 (not including tax credit), the frugality of gas use is priceless.

Cars.com named the 2014 Hyundai Santa Fe Sport Family Car of the Year. Filled with family-friendly benefits like side window shades, monitor for blind spot, many nooks and crannies for storage, this car is, as Goldilocks said, just right. It has good maneuverability, a jazzy dashboard, and for most parents, it is a fun to drive vehicle. Even though the gas mileage is not the best, the roominess factor, and the amenities make this a car to be considered.

For big families, it always seems to have to come down to the mini-van. But, for 2014, the Buick Enclave is an obvious and better choice. The price will be around $39,665, and in spite of the disrespect big family haulers get, this is the CUV that everyone will love. First, and to some most importantly, the Enclave has a terrific look. Inside and out, the Buick Enclave is well appointed. Yes, it has three rows, and it is big, comfy, and cozy, just like it is supposed to be. Eight people fit into this vehicle comfortably. The storage area is not as large as a mini-vans’, but it makes up for that in sheer luxury look and spaciousness.

Called a Crossover Utility Vehicle, not an SUV ( Sport Utility Vehicle), the Enclave is more like a car and even closer to a station wagon.

When looking for a car that is safe, roomy, comfortable, economical and fun, of the four choices selected, one of the choices just might fit the bill. But remember, a family car is also a convenience store, a drive-through restaurant, a first aid station, a diaper changing station, and a sound stage. A vehicle that can cater to all the needs of a family has to be a special one. Choose carefully.

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