6 Ways to simplify your air travel

 The more you simplify your  air travel the more it get easier and enjoyable. After booking for many years, I've began to understand what I want to do to make my booking easier and faster without stressing myself. Having a kid, traveling is not fun that's what all people think,oops, they're wrong,if you now how to simplify your air travel its more fun with kids.

Flying is like a rose

 4 Ways to simplify your  air travel:

1. Book advance- Most airlines or travel agency are happy if you  booked  in advance. And some airlines have a zonal route pass, and have a maximum flexibility and choose your flights. Is it that great to take advantage of booking early and allowed to change your flights-I saw this website when I was looking a UK flights from Easter Airways .

2. Baggage/Luggage- All airlines have different fees in baggage/luggage.It is important you know all the  restriction or else you will end up paying a ridiculous amount of the luggage. You have to consider what are the things you can bring on board and check-in, so you don't waste your time during the baggage check-in process.

3.Travel documents- all your travel documents must keep on handy, like passports,visas,and flight information.Contact number is important as well, to keep it on hand, you never know what will happen and when you needed.

4.Punctual-This is  true in all things.Mostly if you travel by air, you need to be there at least 2 hours before your flight especially if you go international flight.Don't be like my friend she missed her flight every time she goes home in her hometown. 

5.Travel forecast- One of the important factor when traveling. Always check the status of your flight, so you have an idea what's going on.

6. Outfit- Dress properly and remember ladies you're  not going to the  party nor the beach and friend's house for a sleep over. 

Do you have any ideas how to find ways to simplify your air travel?


  1. Wow, that is a beautiful rose and what a way to compare it with traveling!

  2. agree with all have said..i had my first travel with my less than 2years old daughter...lahat na ng pwede kong gawin to simplify our travel ginawa ko na lalo na first time ni anakis ko..i want it to be enjoyable to her..except na may dala kami ng pasalubong..na 1 box pero hand carry naman..I also travel in slippers...i hate the checking stuff..yung tanggalin yung mga shoes and all..kaya i use slipper..or doll shoes..

  3. Love that Rose so much! You are the expert in traveling and your tips just helped me as I am planning a summer escapade with the hubby and the kids which reminds me to book as early as now! Smiling at tip number 6 and remembering my hubby who would give me a blunt comment when he doesn't like what I am wearing but would not say a word when he loves it...aaahh men...happy travel planning to you and may your family be always blessed with roses :)

  4. I am learning so much about travel tips here both from the post and the comments, I feel I am about as ready as anyone can be to travel.

  5. I have to keep all these in mind. Though I don't travel a lot, I need to keep myself aware of the helpful ways to make my trip more secured and enjoyable. Thank you!

  6. very helpful tips to make traveling hassle free!

  7. Bringing stickers and my kid's fave toys helps us a lot especially on long flights.A lollipop or something to chew on helps them deal with air pressure I make sure I have some knick-knack food for my little boy during the flight