Are you a music lover?

Are you a music lover? if you ask me,I am so so in terms of music but I  love to travel. I have a friend who loves music and she plays guitar as well. I met her  when we were in Thailand. She taught me how to play guitar but the problem the guitar doesn't like me,hehehe.

Today,I have a daughter and she wants to play the guitar .I talked to my husband and well see what will happen though she's still to young. How I wish we have friend nearby us who could teach my daughter in singing and play the guitar. As of now I am relying in MP3 and wherever we go I make sure to bring it for her.


  1. Ha ha mhie. I am like you. I tried to learn too, but the guitar does not like me:) so now it is just hanging on the wall for decoration:) but never harm in trying:) have a nice sunday:)

  2. I guess it would be nice to introduce arts (in whatever form) to the kids, the earlier the better so they would be able to appreciate it early on. Good luck kay little travelentz, hanapan mo na ng magtuturo sa kanya ng guitar, para magkaron ka ng princess na rockstar. ;)

  3. Hay naku, nag-aral din ako mag-guitar dati.. nag-try ako mag-piana.. mag-flute.. pasaway na music, ayaw saken, wala ako future dun kaya sa modeling ako nauwi..chos! Haha! Frustration ko ang maging singer din, yun lang, wala talagang talent, kaazar no? Buti yun baby may chance na matuto pa!

  4. hahaha ka talaga Joanes.Ok na yong model maganda na yon.hehehe