Flights to USA

Our flights to USA makes me excited all the time.Imagine that, having 50 States means you  have a lot things to explore and choose where you want to go. Here are some of our top  flights to USA.

1. Arizona- Offers and interesting adventures who loves hiking and nature's lover. One of the top attractions we visited are the Grand Canyon,Petrified Forest National Park.
2. Florida- Our favourite States to visits and has a lot things to offer for all ages. Aside the top attractions we considered the weather as well, for my Parent-in-law.
3. Michigan- We fly to Michigan to visit my Parent-in-law and stayed a couple days with them. Autumn and Spring are  my favourite season of the year.
Petrified Forest National Park.
4. Colorado-We're planning to go back on Chicago this coming winter for skiing. Well see if our plan go through this year. The place we visited was Denver Downtown Aquarium.
5. Chicago-One reason we went to Chicago is to renew my passport and we did some sightseeings while we are in town.Skydeck Chicago is one of the landmarks that has a  spectacular views reach up to four states.
Little Travelentz
Our reason why we choose to flights  in USA are:

1. Infrastructure- They have a good infrastructure all over the States and makes our travel easy.
2. Entertainment- They offer a good entertainment for all ages, all year-round in different seasons.
3. Friendliness and hospitality- I guess this is true of every country in the World.
Our Disney Dream Cruise-Florida
What is your reason to travel abroad? Have you been to USA? 



  1. oh, i still have to go to petrified forest national park, looks so out of this world, Mhie, so love it.

  2. I dream of going to Disneyland with my wife... I hope we can go there next year :)

  3. USA... here I come.. just dreaming. But if ever makarating ako riyan, Grand Canyon at Disneyland are my first 2 priorities.

  4. I always dream of going to Las Vagas. I wish It will all come true.:-)

  5. i like new york... wala lng, parang interesting :)

  6. my reasons for travel is always to feel oneness with nature, it can be from outside the country or can just be home, as long as I get to enjoy nature's amazing healing and relaxing power. i can't wait to explore my home country again too :)

  7. dream is to go to new york as well... just want to feel how's life there even for just a week.. :D

  8. Little Travelentz is so cute! I would love love love to visit all those places one sweet day...for now I am satisfied just viewing the photos and reading your wonderful descriptions...blessed day on your side of the world! :-)

  9. You're daughter is such a doll. Mhie. Mana sa Mommy!

    I love seeing all the photos from your travels. Thanks for sharing them.

    Sorry for the delayed visit. Thanks for the condolence message, by the way. I truly appreciate it.