Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao:( Part 1)

We went in Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao which is located in Samal Island Davao City, Philippines last December. We stayed an overnight in Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao.I heard a lot things about this resort and I want to visit. I'm glad hubby said yes to me and he told  I will do all the planning about our vacation where we go, so I chose the Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao.

 I'll be honest the place is expensive, well its a resorts what do I expect but it is beautiful but not the food. Well, we booked a room that is included the breakfast, lunch and dinner. If you are visiting the Pearl Farm beach resort in Davao if I were you don't go for a buffet, the food is not good as we're expected. We pay too much but the quality of food  is below our expectation. If you order the food not in the buffet you can expect the food is high standard but of course you pay for the quality of food.

Sunset in Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao
Some of the rooms in Pearl Farm Beach  Resort in Davao

The room we stayed in Pearl Farm Beach resort in Davao.

One day staying in Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao I think is the best thing to do  and I had enough and I don't like to go back again. It was a good experienced to visit the  placed.Actually you have  two option to see this resorts first go in Pearl Farm beach resort day  tour, second is to  book a room. 

The advantage of getting a room,you can see the whole island in the night, the sunset and  they have an activities in the night since its December, I don't know about other months. The staff are friendly and the place is clean. Things to do in Pearl Farm is go swimming in there infinity pool, watch the sunset, enjoy the panoramic view of the island, good for honeymoon, the place is quite and good for relaxation. Another top things to do in Pearl Farm Beach resort is the water sports like Jets ski, banana boat and you can go to other facility in Pearl Farm where all the Villas are located. Boat transfer is included.Of Course one of my best friend is camera so I took some photos of Pearl Farm beach resort in Davao and to be continued in Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao: ( Part 2).

At night in Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao.
Some of the foods we ate in Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao.
Beautiful flowers you can see in Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao.

To be continued in Pearl Farm Beach Resort in Davao ( Part 2).



  1. It is really beatiiful there. I saw this place when my
    daughter and her hubby went there and I really
    Want to visit this place one day. You are very
    Good in taking pictures:)

  2. i've been here and i enjoyed my stay even the food. hmm...hindi na ba masarap?

  3. Hi, I'm surprised that you didn't like the food at Pearl Farm. I did enjoy it a lot! In fact, it's one of few reasons that I want to go back there :) But anyways, love the photos - they're breathtaking, esp the night shots!

  4. wow ganda naman sa Davao! sayang d ako sumama sa family gko when they went there 2 years ago.. Wish I can go there and experience pearl farm and the rest of davao!

  5. Davao looks awesome, I have heard so many great things about it being such a nice city, both from Filipinos and foreigners. You've done a really nice job with this post and the pictures, and I appreciate the extra tips like the one about the buffet.

    I really want to go to Davao but have not yet gotten that far south. When we are in Mindanao we stay in my wife's home town, Oroquieta City, and have ventured west as far as Dapitan/Dipolog (Dakak resort) and east as far as Cagayan de Oro and Iligan etc., but I would really like to go to Davao.

    All the best to you and your lovely family, happy travels!