Cheekwod Botanical Garden: Southern Roots

I've been here in Tennessee for 6 years and I visited Cheekwood Botanical Garden all year round-I saw and visited  exhibits  in every seasons,it's amazing.My husband and I decided to renewed our membership this year.This will be our 3rd year as a member.

It was beautiful and sunny last Sunday, Travelentz decided to checked out the new exhibitions; SOUTHERN ROOTS-Yay! the trip was worth, I have never seen such unique creations before.Every year the Cheekwood Botanical Garden has different exhibitions.

"Southern Roots features work from Tobin’s Steelroots sculptures, an evolution of his signature bronze Walking Roots series. In addition to his massive sculptures in steel and bronze, Tobin incorporates natural elements such as wood, glass and ceramics to create dramatic works of art."

My family spent a couple hours at the garden. Though my daughter was antsy to leave and get ice cream.

 Low season is one of my favorite time of the year. No rushing,no lines, no crowds, and I got all the time to enjoy all the exhibits without rushing and worrying my daughter.
It's not colorful yet, some tress are start budding and  flowers start to bloom.Considering it's Sunday afternoon, you can see kids running around in the  common area. The place is not crowded so I got a chance to take photos and enjoyed looking the exhibitions.

It's not just a garden,sculptures you can see in this garden. You can enjoy as well feeding the ducks.



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