Why You Should Visit Vietnam For Luxury In Asia This Year

Travelling the world is a dream for some people and a lifelong ambition for others. Some of us are lucky enough to get out there for a holiday once or twice a year. The best part of a holiday for most of us is sampling the lifestyle and culture of other nations. Not all of us can afford to holiday abroad, but if you can save up, it is worth it. The experiences and cuisines you will get to sample will stay with you forever, and certainly give you plenty to talk about when you come back home.

Asia is one of those parts of our planet that we all dream of exploring. It can all seem so exotic. Everything is different to what we might see at home, yet all of it is only a plane journey away. If you are interested in taking in some of what Asia has to offer, you might want to consider Vietnam. Vietnam is one of the best destinations for your next holiday. It is also a superb place to backpack and travel through. Travel by foot, barge, rickshaw or public transport cheaply and easily. Alternatively, book into a world class luxury hotel and enjoy all that a resort can offer.

Vietnam has a lot of history, and some of it has been quite turbulent. But right now, Vietnam is thriving. For those of you looking for a luxury holiday and all the pampering that goes with it, you’ll be pleased to know that Vietnam can offer just what you are looking for. For a real treat, and a holiday of a lifetime, you can find a luxury Hoi An hotel and enjoy hundreds of miles of beautiful coastline. This area boasts some of the best weather in the region, and plenty of historical sights to see.

Hoi An is a very beautiful area and is home to the incredible temple of My Son. You can find some charming boutiques and tailors in the area, so enjoy a very fashionable shopping spree. Food is everywhere in Vietnam, so sample some of the street seller’s dishes as well as the high-class restaurants. The flavors differ from Thai and Chinese food quite considerably, but are built upon a similar variety of spices and herbs. Needless to say, the cuisine is complex, highly flavoured and a little spicy.

For some of the most incredible natural sites, try to find time to visit the Bai Tu Long Bay where there are some incredible limestone rock formations. Use a kayak to explore this small but impressive part of the world, and don’t forget your camera! Whatever you get up to in Vietnam, and however you choose to use your time there, you won’t be disappointed. The culture is warm and friendly to tourists, and the treatment you’ll receive will make you feel very relaxed and welcome. Take the time to appreciate all that this place can offer, and make the most of a luxurious hotel stay to truly enjoy Vietnam this year.



  1. If I wasn't afraid of flying I would go...it sounds like an amazing place to visit.

  2. one of my dream to someday make it to Asia great post. sound interesting. Thanks for sharing.

  3. This would be a remarkable trip! Everything you talked about here sounds wondrous!

  4. I'd love to fly over and visit. I think it would be a wonderful way to enrich our travel, we've been to mostly the same kind of areas. This would be brand new.

  5. Sounds like a pretty place. I will consider this if I travel out country the next year or so.

  6. I have always wanted to visit. I just never had the time or the funds to. It is definitely on my list of places to visit.