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Explore Gatlinburg on Spring Break

“Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” – Robin Williams-

Last week  Little Travelentz has school spring break for a week and my  husband and I decided to go in Gatlinburg,Tn with my in-laws. Our first choice was to stay in Gatlinburg,Tennessee area but the hotel we wanted   that has indoor pool and jacuzzi is full so we ended up in Pigeon forge.

We stayed a day in Gatlinburg area and explore by foot. Too many things to see so little time so  we all agreed what we wanted to see and where we going. We kinda work with my in-laws health condition when they want to eat and sit we all do so they won't get tired that much and enjoy the day.
At the Smoky Mountain National Park
About Gatlinburg:
  •  Is a mountain resort city in Sevier County, Tennessee, United States and its a entryway to the  Smoky Mountain National Park.
  • You can explore downtown  Gatlinburg by foot or trolley. 

Things to do and see in Gatlinburg:
There are so many things to do and  see for all ages. It comes down to personal preferences. This is our second visit in Gatlinburg so we just savor the day with the family.
  • Smoky Mountain National Park-We decided to go hiking in Little River were my in-laws go with us. It's a short walk and we choose this for everybody's benefit.We see a little bit of Smoky Mountain and we still plan to go back if given a chance.
  • Downtown Gatlinburg-You can explore downtown by foot or trolley. So many things to see and has a unique shop.

Most Popular to do in Gatlinburg:

When you are visiting new place its very common to check out what's the most popular to see around the area and usually that's how my husband and I goes if interest us.Considering my daughter as of now has no say since she is still 5 years old but we try to encourage her to speak up what she wants to see and show to her the  brochure of attraction to give an idea.
  • Hiking: My family likes to do nature so its in our top priority.
  • Independent restaurant: This is how we dine-in the restaurant.
  • Shopping: They have unique shopping store in Gatlinburg so its fun to window shopping. You never know what treasure you can find.
  • Aquarium:Gatlinburg has a nice aquarium but we never visited yet there. 
  • Ole Smoky Tennessee Moonshine: My husband favourite place to go.

Sure we have a great Spring break with the family. It was a great week for all of us, to relax and savor each day with each other's company.



  1. It sounds like you had an awesome vacation! In Mass, our vacation is next month and we are heading to DC for the week :)

  2. I have always wanted to visit that area of Tennessee, it looks so beautiful. We love to hike and have heard great things about the trails there. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I have never visited there, but now I want to go, I am so glad that you shared this blog. If you had the top sites to go, what would it be

  4. Looks like tons of fun. That horse riding the old man is pretty darn cute!

  5. I would love to go inside that mug store hehehe. I collect mugs so that would be great! Great photos as usual sis, wish we have Spring break too.

  6. My mom just stayed in Gatlinburg last fall and she said it was absolutely gorgeous. She stayed in a cabin in the smokies and the pictures were just stunning...as are yours!


  7. One of our closest friends have moved near the Smokey Mountains National Park.. I'm hoping to visit them this summer. I'm now more tempted to plan this trip.. after seeing these pictures. :)

  8. I have never been there, it looks like such a beautiful place, I have heard so many great things about it. Beautiful scenery!

  9. What an adorable town! It seems like everyone had a lot of fun despite having some restrictions due to the health of your in-laws :)

  10. Gatlinburg is on my shortlist of places to vacation in the next year! Thanks for sharing your experience.

  11. Wow, It looks like you had a blast. I would love to visit one day. The pictures are just amazing.

  12. I've heard of Gatlinburg; I've probably driven through there once or twice. It looks like a cozy little town.

  13. Lucky you! we never been out for the spring, How'd I wish. The Smoky Mountain National Park was so stunning makes me want to visit.

  14. Years ago, I drove across country and went through Tennessee. I remember a town on the map called Gatlinburg. Looks like a very nice town! Looks like a nice place to vacation.

  15. Looks like an interesting place to visit. I like the giant Easter basket with eggs.

  16. This is a great place to enjoy the spring break especially for someone who loves the outdoors like me. The views and sights are refreshing and scenic.

  17. If I were to be in this place I think I would love the hiking. I am a sucker of nature related activities so definitely hiking. Sounds like Gatlinburg is a nice and relaxing place to go to.